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This is Why You Should Transition to Gray Hair in 2020 

Inside: All the reasons you might want to transition to gray hair in the New Year.

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For twenty-five years, this was my routine:  

  • Color my hair (either at home or at the salon)
  • Enjoy my beautiful, dark, shiny, glossy hair for about 3 days
  • Watch with horror as the gray roots appeared shortly after dyeing
  • Watch with annoyance as the frizz inched its way back up my hair
  • Curse fate for giving me gray roots and frizzy hair 
  • Dot my burgeoning skunk line with root touch-up products
  • Scour Amazon and Target for anti-frizz products that actually WORK
  • Straighten my hair with a flat-iron and shine spray to make it look decent
  • Repeat this entire process every 3-4 weeks

At age 50, I decided I had had enough.  I mean, really, does that routine above look fun or empowering? 

No, it’s CRAP.

Look, a lot of us are afraid of going gray.  I get it – we’ve been brainwashed by almost 100 years of advertising that gray hair means you are OLD.

It’s time to let go of that limited way of thinking.

Here Are Some Fantastic Reasons to Transition to Gray Hair

Growing Out Your Gray Hair is Fun

I know that sounds crazy.  But hear me out: Embracing your natural gray hair is a blast

Why? Because it’s rebellious.  It’s counter-culture. It’s a kick in the pants to the society that tells us that women MUST try to look “young” at any cost.

Go to any Facebook gray hair support group and you know what you’ll find? A bunch of women who are getting a kick out of the gray hair transition process.

It’s one of the most surprising benefits of going gray

Who knew, right?

image of smiling grey haired woman
Amanda Showing Off Her Gray Roots

Your Hair Will Be Healthier

As I approached my 50th birthday, I despaired about the state of my hair.

I had very thick hair in my youth.  But as I got older, my hair started thinning. 

Every day in the shower, clumps of hair clogged the drain.  My hairbrush was filled with hair all the time, no matter how much I cleaned it.

To top it off, my hair was dull.  I had to use shine sprays or serums to recreate the shine of my youthful hair.

And to make matters worse? My hair was frizzy.  UGH. I cannot tell you how much money and time I spent trying to find the perfect anti-frizz product.

But since I let my gray grow in, my hair is thick, glossy and smooth.

image of woman's transition to gray hair
Katie’s Hair at 22 Months Cold Turkey from Dye

What the what?! This goes against everything we’ve been told about gray hair.

Does everyone get these results? Probably not. 

But the vast majority of women I’ve met in Silver Revolution and on Instagram share the same sentiment – their hair is thicker and healthier than it was while they were dyeing.

Gray Hair is Beautiful

We’ve been conditioned to see gray hair NOT as a color but as a marker of old age.

People go gray at all different ages.  I found my first gray hair at around 16 years old, but I’ve heard of women finding them as early as age 7.

Stop seeing gray hair as a symbol of age, and look at it again in a different way.  As a different shade of hair color.

Have you seen silver hair sparkle in the sunlight? It’s a sight to behold!

image of beautiful gray haired woman
Abby B. – Look at That Gorgeous Hair!
Photo by Katie Goes Platinum

Ditching the Dye is Environmentally Friendly

So many of us try to be respectful of Mother Earth by reducing waste and using natural cleaning products, yet don’t give a second thought about the effect of hair dye on the environment.

Think about all the nasty chemicals that are going down the drain and polluting our rivers and oceans and harming our wildlife. It’s pretty horrifying!

And if you read about how poorly regulated the beauty industry is, you might think twice about putting those potentially-toxic chemicals on your scalp, so close to your brain.  

A lot of women find that transitioning to gray hair is their first step towards embracing a healthier, more natural lifestyle.

image of woman showing the transition to gray hair
Katie, mid-transition

Going Gray Can Save You Money

Getting your hair dyed at the salon is expensive – add a cut and blow-dry to the cost of color and (in Los Angeles) you’re looking at around $150 per visit (minimum).

Dyeing your hair at home with box dye isn’t expensive, but periodically replacing your bath mat and shower curtain due to hair dye stains definitely adds up (or am I the only messy one?).  Plus, it’s a pain in the butt!

Let’s say you dyed your hair at home once every other month, and dyed your hair at the salon every other month between box dyes (my routine the last year before I ditched the dye):  that’s around $960 a year.

But, once you stop dyeing? I only get my hair cut every 8 weeks at around $70/visit.  So that’s around $455 a year. That’s a net savings of around $500 year.

Not too shabby!

But, I’m also spending less on hair treatments and products – keratin treatments, anti-frizz products, and blow-outs.  More money saved!

Gray Hair is Easy to Maintain

When you dye your hair to cover your gray, you constantly worry about the roots showing.  

Many of us planned our hair color appointments around vacations and special events and used root-touch up products between salon appointments to hide our grays.

But when you have no roots to hide (because it’s ALL gray), all you need to do to maintain your gray hair is to invest in a great haircut and products that suit your hair texture.

To my surprise, once I stopped dyeing my hair and my hair texture improved, I could actually skip the blow dryer and let my hair dry naturally with almost no frizz. 

It’s a miracle!

Are there special products that can make your gray hair look fantastic? Yes! But they’re not mandatory.

The Silver Sisterhood 

Since openly gray women are still somewhat of a rarity, it’s an immediate icebreaker in social situations.  See another woman going gray at a party? You’ve immediately got something in common and, therefore, something to talk about.

On both Facebook and Instagram, there is a thriving community of “silver sisters.”  Women share their gray hair transition stories, seek support, and share tips & tricks on going gray.

A lot of us note that the online silver hair community is one of the most supportive and loving communities of women that we’ve ever met!

The silver sisterhood is a HUGE bonus to going gray.

Silver Hair is Great for Your Complexion

When I dyed my hair dark brown (trying to replicate my natural hair color), I noticed that as I got older, my face seemed to kind of “fade away” in photos.  It was disconcerting.

Looking at those photos now, it’s pretty obvious that the dark hair dye overshadowed my complexion.  Plus, as my brown dye faded, it became brassy and too wrarm for my naturally cool skin-tone.

Now that my hair is silver, my complexion has brightened up considerably.

And it’s not just me – check out my post on “Before & After Going Gray” and you’ll see that most of the women featured have glowing complexions with their gray hair, as opposed to their dyed hair.

image of woman showing the transition to gray hair
Bek’s Skin Glows Next to Her Silver Hair

Gray Hair is Unique

One of the best reasons to go gray is that everyone’s gray pattern is different.  No two are the same!

My hair is almost entirely white/silver on the top layer, and dark underneath, which creates its own form of highlights. 

image of woman going gray
Katie at 20 months dye-free

Other women have hair that is almost all gray in the front of their head and the back is dark.

No two heads of gray hair are alike! Can you say that about artificially-colored hair?

Isn’t being different more fun?

Going Gray Doesn’t Have to be Permanent

What if you grow out your gray hair and you don’t like it? Nobody is forcing you to keep it.  Going back to the dye is a fine choice in that case.

But why not give it a shot and see if it’s for you? You might be pleasantly surprised!

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  1. Preeti

    Lovely reading
    I’m also going to join the brigades

    18 . Jan . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      Good for you! You will enjoy it 🙂

      18 . Jan . 2020 Reply
  2. Sharon

    My grey is not a nice silver grey colour I am seeing in your post. It’s more battleship grey and dull.

    17 . Jan . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      Sharon, check out the videos of Monique Parent on YouTube. She has tons of great tips on ways to make your gray hair look great. She uses Manic Panic or Arctic Fox products to make her gray hair whiter and brighter (sometimes) and that could be a fun thing for you to try.

      18 . Jan . 2020 Reply

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