Transition Story: Bek

Bek inspired me from the minute I saw her in The Silver Circle. Her transition to natural silver hair is one of the prettiest I’ve seen!

Age 47
New Zealand

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How old were you when you discovered your first gray hair?

Oh, I’d say around 16, I don’t recall being bothered, I think it was only one so didn’t pay much attention.

How did your friends/family make you feel about your gray hair?

I’m not sure I even mentioned it, lol

How many years did you dye?

I started dyeing for fun with mainly wash-out toners from around 14 years old, but in my late 20s, I started dyeing at home to hide the greys.

What made you decide to stop?

Several reasons, my husband had been suggesting it for many years, the timing felt right, and I was becoming more health conscious and wanted to age in a natural way.

How did you transition?

Complete cold turkey, and to be honest I have loved the whole journey. Watching it evolve, seeing the changes in colour…it was exciting to wonder what it would look like when complete.

My journey started 1st July 2016 and I was complete with my final trim on the 30th June 18… so 2 years… it could have been sooner, but I liked the length I was gaining.

Any products you recommend for transitioning hair?

Giovanni 50/50 Hydrating & Clarifying Shampoo, it’s the one I have stuck with for the past year or so and I love it. I like that it’s natural and how it makes my hair feel.

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My conditioners change all the time, in a rotation.  I occasionally use a purple conditioner, whichever one that I can find locally.

Do you use any online resources for helping you in your transition?

Absolutely, those first few months I was obsessed, LOL.

Pinterest and YouTube were great right at the beginning before I realized there were Facebook groups.  They gave me the visuals I needed to step away from the box grey hair had been put in.

The Facebook groups are amazing, there are so many of us, all aiming for the same goal in so many ways, and it’s fun being part of everyone’s journey. You really meet some very special people along the way.

Any advice to women who are thinking about going gray?

You never know what you have until you’re done, so it’s worth sticking it out until the end. It could be the best decision ever, or if it’s not, then you have a blank canvas to re-colour if you wish.

Have fun with it, don’t take yourself too seriously and a sense of humour will come in handy. Remember: it’s your way and your rules. Everyone has a different method – go with whatever you want.

Bek’s Transition Photos

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  1. I love Beks hair and she’s been and inspiration to me . I love that she calls her hair cream colored . I wish mine was like that but mine is gray !

    1. Yes, Bek’s hair is SO lovely! She inspires me, too!

  2. Great story Bek- loved your transition photos xo

  3. Great spirit…beautiful inside and out☀️

  4. Great story and the photos were so fun to see!

    1. Thanks! I find her pictures inspirational – love the reverse ombré!

  5. Useful, insightful, and beautifully written. Looking forward to reading more

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