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Joni’s Grey Hair Transition is A Must-See!

Inside: All about Joni’s grey hair transition. You can find her on Instagram: @jd904!

Hi!  My name is Joni, and I live in a suburb of Chicago, Illinois.  I will be 52 years old in November.  I colored my hair for nearly 25 years.

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My Grey Hair Back Story

I was probably around 17 years old when I came across my first grey hair.  It didn’t surprise me.  My mother started going grey at an early age, too.

When I’d find a grey hair here and there, I’d simply pluck them out.  By the time I reached my late 20s-early 30s, though, the greys really started to come in. 

That’s when I began using box dye to color my hair myself.  I did that for a few years. 

When my greys started coming in like crazy, I decided to go to a salon and let a professional handle it. I wanted to keep my lovely, rich brown color. 

image of woman dyed brown hair
Joni with dyed hair

For a few years, the salon could achieve that.

But as more and more greys came in, it was difficult to get the color just right.  The greys were resistant to the dye, so the salon would keep the dye on for a long time. 

That ended up bothering my scalp – making it so itchy and sore.

Once I reached my early 40s, I could tell that I was probably all grey underneath that dye.  Two weeks after having been to salon, there would be the telltale signs of a white stripe along my part. 

I never wanted my greys to show so I’d use root spray or a powdered root cover-up.  When that didn’t do the trick, I’d buy a box of root touch-up dye at the drugstore to cover it up. I’d probably use that dye once a week for the next three or four weeks until I went in for a salon color. 

I got my hair colored every eight to ten weeks at the salon.  I didn’t want to go in any sooner than that because 1) I couldn’t stand the whole process and how much time it took and 2) it hurt my scalp.

Around age 46, I was so weary of coloring my hair.  I started to really question what I was doing. 


I wondered, as someone who would eat very healthy, exercise, and go the more natural route for things, why I continued to put this terrible dye on my head.

I began to research women embracing their greys. I created a board on Pinterest and pinned pictures of beautiful silver-haired ladies I liked.

In my research, I came across the blog “How Bourgeois,” and I read all of Lauren’s posts on going grey. I watched many YouTube videos of women documenting their transition to grey.  Deb Arndt and Monique Parent were the two women I watched the most. 

Then I read the book “Going Grey:  How to Embrace Your Authentic Self with Grace and Style” by Ann Kreamer.  I loved it, and I was ready to embrace my greys.


I asked my daughters and husband what they thought of me not coloring my hair anymore, and they were not on board with it.  My girls said they didn’t want me to look like a grandmother. 

My husband really loved my (dyed) brown hair.  So, I gave up on that idea begrudgingly. 

But a few years later when I was 50, I’d had enough of the whole coloring routine.  It was just too much.  I was so tired of the upkeep and using harsh chemicals on my head that made my scalp hurt. 

image of woman with 8 weeks gray roots
Joni at 8 weeks dye-free

Mostly, I wanted to be a good example to my young daughters and show them that grey hair is nothing to be ashamed of or hide.  I was ready to buck the societal norms and embrace my natural color. 

I let my family know what I had decided to do and this time they were so understanding and completely on board.

image of jonis gray hair at 20 weeks
Joni at 20 weeks


I didn’t want to do any sort of grey blending or bleaching to hide the demarcation line because I wanted no part in putting any more harsh chemicals on my head. 

So, going cold turkey in growing out my greys was the best way for me.  I wasn’t willing to cut my hair short to speed up the transition either; I was in it for the long, awkward haul.


I was happy to see so many women posting selfies of their grey hair transition on Instagram.  

This seemed like a great way to make me accountable and stick to the long process, so I jumped in and started posting my own transition pictures and joining in on the conversations within the silver hair community.

image of gray hair selfie

It helped me so much to go through my transition with hundreds of other women around the world doing the very same thing.  The support and camaraderie was amazing.  I couldn’t have done it without them.

I also had lots of support from my family and friends.  Not one person ever made a negative comment about my decision to go grey.  That made it so much easier. 

image of jonis gray hair at 12 months
Joni at 12 months

The biggest obstacle was my mindset.  So much of this transition process is based in the ego and fear, at least for me. 

I was so concerned about how I’d look and what others would think.  I got over that fear because as time went on and my beautiful silvers grew in, I became more confident and comfortable with myself. 

Also, I learned that nobody really cares what you’re doing with your hair.  It was so freeing!

I began my transition on March 25, 2018 and finished on October 10, 2019 – 18.5 months from start to finish.

image of jonis gray hair

Joni – Fully Transitioned at 18 1/2 Months!
image of happy woman gray hair

My Favorite Products for Grey Hair

I’m a minimalist when it comes to products for my hair.  I use shampoo and conditioner by Acure.

For styling, I use Universal Styling Crème by Aveda

And if I think my hair has a little frizz going on, I’ll use the tiniest bit of coconut oil and run that through my hair.

How my Makeup and Clothing Choices Have Changed

My make-up has stayed the same, although, I might be going with a little more vibrant lip color these days. 

As far as clothing goes, I feel that darker colors look best with my silver hair.  I’ve always worn a lot of black and navy, but now I’m starting to add in some red, fuchsia, and greens.

Final Thoughts on Going Grey

Ditching the dye and growing out your greys is about so much more than just your hair. 

  • It’s about things like shifting your perspective about aging and cultural norms.
  • It’s about gaining confidence and self-acceptance. 
  • It’s about finding your authenticity and being comfortable with yourself. 

And because this whole process can be very trying, it demands loads of patience, love, and most of all grace.

image of jonis grey hair statement

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  1. Judy

    What an inspiration your transition story is! Thank you for sharing! I too am tired of hair color (highlights) & spending 2 hours waiting for it to process. I am also experiencing terrible itching & dryness after having dye in my hair. I have been trying to blend my natural gray with gray/ash highlights, but I like my natural silver better than the highlights. Your story gives me encouragement to go for it!

    21 . Sep . 2020 Reply
  2. Carolyn

    I had to comment. You are beautiful! Wow! I have thought I would quit the last several times I’ve colored. I think FEAR has a real grip on me. I still feel little antsy every time I color that it’s going to turn orange. I’m a medium-dark auburn, so like you the contrast could be very noticeable. I started coloring in my forties to just stay “natural”. I don’t know if I would be white…gray…salt and pepper…what??? Earlier in the lock-in I thought I would stop, but SCARED… now at 74, I think how much longer do I keep the dark color. My husband likes the auburn color (what I was when young, met, married), but would support stopping. He, of course, is salt-pepper. Also, at 74 I’m not cutting any shorter nd look like “an old lady”. Guess now that’s my FEAR….looking really old. Guess I can always go back to coloring.

    26 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  3. Darlene

    So beautiful! I think it is far more flattering than the dark color. We’re the same age and I have decided to take the plunge as well. I’m only 6 weeks in and so ready to be done growing it out. I hope I can do the change and hold my course. Thanks for sharing your story!

    20 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  4. Michelle Roberts

    You look gorgeous! I’ve decided to go grey too. I have ash blonde color so it is not as noticeable as one with dark colored hair. Also every time I went to the salon to color I dreaded it because the dye made my scalp itch so bad I was almost in tears.

    15 . Aug . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      I had that itchiness too, Michelle! I never had it until the last few years that I dyed. Apparently, allergies to hair dye can develop even after years of exposure. I wish I had stopped sooner, but live and learn.

      16 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  5. Tobi Innerfield

    Your story is an inspiration. I too have long hair, and was coloring it every 5 weeks. Because of the Pandemic, I wasn’t able to go to a salon. Now, I don’t want to. I’m 24 weeks into going natural and I’m embracing my grey. My husband is supportive and my parents hate it.

    13 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  6. Claire

    Wow ! So good to see so many other ladies in the same position as me. I’m 53 and been dying my hair for 30 years and the last ten years it has been every three weeks. Due to Covid I’ve decided to embrace the grey. Although I have hair appt on Saturday and I am going to get it cut short and tempted to have highlights to lose the line a little.
    Thanks for sharing your stories – makes me feel a little braver

    02 . Jul . 2020 Reply
  7. Pam

    I like everyone else have struggled going back and forth should I or shouldn’t I. I am 60 light skin, blue eyes and black is my natural color. My hairstylist does not like gray so she has been lightening with highlighting but its more blonde than gray and washing me out. I am a winter . I think the Silver would be better. My hair tends to be frizzy. Did you find the grays frizzy? Would Keratin tratment help?

    30 . Jun . 2020 Reply
  8. Lori

    Congratulations! Beautifully done. You are an inspiration.

    17 . Jun . 2020 Reply
    • KathyB

      Joni, Your story is amazing and inspirational, and so are you. As I was reading your story I realized how much it was like mine. I too have been coloring my hair at least once a month. I am now in my mid 50’s and with the Covid-19 I had decided to let my hair be. After all, we weren’t going any where. As the silver is growing out I have decided to go for it. Go natural. I know it will be ‘process’ but it will be worth it. As I look at your transitioning pictures you get more beautiful in every picture. Good for you and the rest of the Ladies making this change! Thank you for your inspiration and your story. I am ready to embrace my gray with my head held high!

      20 . Jun . 2020 Reply
  9. Kathy

    I have been coloring my hair since I was 35. I am now 68, and I am going for the gray! I’m tired of coloring and I was doing it every 10-14 days because I cannot stand white roots. I can’t wait for the finished picture! My father and his mother had gorgeous white/gray hair. I inherited their hair and my roots are looking good! Quarantine gave me the impetus I needed to get started. Embrace the gray all the way!

    03 . Jun . 2020 Reply
    • Jacquie

      I went through exactly the same process you went through two years ago. It took 18 months to grow out my hair to all gray. Surprisingly, I have wave to it now so I can blow dry it straighter or let it be wavy. I am 70 years old and my hair is long. My biggest problem is deciding what length I like. It’s always something. But I do love my gray hair and get a lot of compliments.

      10 . Jun . 2020 Reply
  10. Ada Chinery

    Hi! Just found you tonight on Pinterest. Great job getting your hair grown out! You are lovely…
    I am a 62 year old still working hairdresser and agree the best way is just go for it. For myself .. it was quite a few years ago as I was not colouring my hair, my daughter said I should colour my hair. Thought about it and then I did….. the funny part of this was no one in my family noticed for four days . That ended that !! My daughter is now 25 and doesn’t pester me anymore. I have embraced my silver hair and love it! Have a great wave to the left that shows my beautiful hair perfectly. Some of my clients were vocal about the fact that I was too young to be grey. I even helped them when they were ready themselves to be natural,!
    Covid-19 has changed my world… masks behind the chair … lots of disinfectant. Yes ,even in Prince Edward Island,Canada we were on lockdown. We have been lucky no coummity spread and no deaths so far.
    I have a comment about the three hour appointment time …. what are you doing….foils too? I hope that your stylist always runs on time because your time is as important as I think mine is! Thanks for reading!

    30 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Wendy Rimmer

      Still working as a hairdresser at 66 I let my grey shine through many years ago, I did it by having my long coloured hair cut off to a very short spiky style and have never looked back, it gave many off my client the courage to go grey

      10 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  11. Connie

    Katie, I’m laughing at myself because I to research how others are going gray ( that’s how I found you). I was just about to through in the towel and grab the hair color but after reading your story I will not pick up the tube of hair color. I am now looking forward to the whole journey of the new me. My dear your an inspiration . Be Blessed 💐

    19 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      thanks, Connie! So glad to hear it!

      20 . May . 2020 Reply
  12. Tehmina


    You are such an inspiration for everyone. Thanks to Covid-19 I have finally decided to let my grey grow, I turn 50 next year and your story has truly given me the impetus to keep going.

    You look gorgeous ❤️


    09 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Becky

      Me too!

      11 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Renn Lokar

      Joni – your gray hair looks absolutely fabulous on you! Very inspiring!

      12 . May . 2020 Reply
      • Stacey Eckman

        I am only 43 and I have already been dying now for 3 years or more and said I never would. My Dad was white by the time he was 40 and my Mom is 66 and still had not had to dye her hair. I got the young skin from both parents but my Dad’s gray hair young not my Mom’s. My Best friend just turned 50 this year and is only highlighting. I am tired of dying and can not afford to do it how I would like to. Which is Salon Style Highlights which consistent of more chemicals and going to bleaching to because I took an a brunette. I am going to stop and transition after watching your video. I Think, I may need a bit more courage we’ll see. The 1st thing my friends say to me when they see me is usually “your ready to get dyed huh”? So here I go.

        16 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Teresa

      You’re an inspiration and you look great!
      I started graying at 14 years old. At 15 I started dying my hair because girls in HS would pull out my gray hairs and then show them to me as if they were doing me a favor (it hurt). My hair grows fast and my roots need to be done every 3-4 weeks. COVID-19 has been like a vacation from root worry and I don’t want it to end. The last time my roots were dyed was March 21, 2020. I want to remember it because it’s going to be the last time.

      25 . May . 2020 Reply
  13. Wanda Harlan

    I’m making my transition to gray…..8 weeks in….I’m excited‼️

    05 . May . 2020 Reply
  14. Sheree

    Correcting name. 🙂

    01 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Melissa R

      Every single word you wrote is exactly the thoughts going through my head for the last several years! It is becoming so frustrating that the grays in my part show up only a few days after coloring. I’ve felt like I may have to color as often as I shave my legs! Your transition pictures and words are truly inspiring, not to mention how lovely you look! You may have just inspired me to embrace the gray as you did. Bless you & stay well!

      01 . May . 2020 Reply
  15. Sheeee

    Your hair is stunning! I am 60 and two months in with no color. I started turning gray in my 20s and have been coloring a dark brown and would need my roots done every 2-3 weeks. Unfortunately, I have hereditary alopecia and so my hair is very thin and you can see my scalp. Not sure if it’s better to have color to make it look like I have more hair. Do you have any thoughts on this? Thank you!

    01 . May . 2020 Reply
    • Jo

      I’m considering the transition. Havent put colour on for 2 months. Hope I dont give up too soon

      08 . May . 2020 Reply
  16. Tracy Tracy

    I am 56 years old and went to my natural color years ago after the same frustrations with the coloring schedule. I read the same “Going Grey” book you mentioned and found it very empowering. Hair is very personal. It is your crown. Bringing the decision home to yourself and not weighing the opinions of others is crucial. This was the best blog I’ve read on the subject. Thanks for sharing and I will share this with my friends who are struggling with the decision.

    01 . May . 2020 Reply
  17. Clare

    Your hair looks fab! I’m 46 this year and have been dying my hair since I was 29 when my friends told me the grey was showing. My hair grows so quick and is practically white that the roots were being dyed every 3 weeks and in between I was using root spray to cover the skunk stripe. My old natural hair was mid brown colour, and that’s the dye I was using, but like you, the dye had to be left on for a long time to cover the grey so now my hair is dark brown. Due to COVID, I’m now 7 weeks with no dye – and I’m hoping to stick with it. My hair is shoulder length and I’m the first to admit, I’m very vain where my hair is concerned so it is a challenge for me, but I’m fed up of the dying, the root spray, the lot! Reading your story and seeing your photos and how good you look helps give me the confidence to believe that I can do this!

    28 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Hana

      Haha I guess I’m one of the many covid gray girls who’d been contemplating going natural for decades but didn’t until we couldn’t see our hairstylists for a couple of months. Joni, thank you for being so gorgeously gray that I’m inspired to do this now. I also started prematurely graying at 29 (thanks to dad’s genes) and coloured it for years. By 40 I was 80% gray and my growth rate was swift so I needed to touch up roots within a week. I wanted to stop colouring but my kids protested cos they didn’t want a nanna-looking mom. At 45 I attempted to go gray by getting my colorist to gradually take me to a lighter shade each time. After tons of chemicals later, I was ash gray but my scalp paid the price for it! But it still contrasted too much with my white roots so I decided to go my natural dark brown a couple of years ago since dark brown colour doesn’t hurt the scalp much. It was because my stylist said the sallow complexion of orientals don’t contrast much with white/silver so it makes me look sickly pale and aged. He urged me to wear more makeup but I’m lazy and like to go au naturelle. Plus my gray is coarse and bristly so it’s not as flattering. So now I have an inch of white roots since lockdown and have decided to keep it. I have thick long hair so I’m going to get the ends bleached to match. I need to see clients for my work, so I couldn’t go two-toned for a couple of years and can’t bear to cut it short. I have an idea to help my gray look more flattering – will get 5% ash gray/dark brown fine streaks from time to time, but it would be nothing compared to my fortnightly colouring before. The end result would be an overall white/silver/gray. Because of my chinese descent, I will look significantly older than caucasian ladies (because it looks natural for western women to have platinum blonde hair but definitely not asians). But I’m encouraged by all of you to embrace ageing gracefully, so thank you!

      03 . May . 2020 Reply
  18. Karen

    Amazing! I’m only on week 7 of no color but my hair grows so fast that I was dying it every 3 weeks. Wondering if there are any dye-free tricks to getting existing color to lighten that won’t cause damage? I’ve seen suggestions for using clarifying, dandruff and purple shampoos but also threads about crushing vitamin C tablets. Anyone had any success with those or other methods you’re willing to share. Thanks so much!

    22 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Joni

      Hi, Karen! The only thing I know about is using clarifying shampoo which I never used. I just let the color fade on its own. If I’m not mistaken, I believe Katie did the clarifying thing with some good success. Best of luck on your journey to grey!

      24 . Apr . 2020 Reply

        Hey girls! Am I the only Corona-color-growth ole girl ready to embrace a-la-naturelle??? Surely not😉 I’m concerned mine isn’t the “attractive “ grey🙃we shall see🙏🏻

        25 . Apr . 2020 Reply
        • Katie

          Hi! You really won’t know how your gray will look until most of your dyed color is cut out. Gray is actually translucent hair that reflects off the colored hair around it – if all of your hair was translucent, it would appear white. But if you had dyed brunette hair next to the translucent hair, it would reflect off of that and create various shades of gray. I grew my hair out for two years and could never have predicted the color that I have now – it took until it was well past my eyebrows to even SORT of get an idea of how it would look. So never give up the gray hair transition if you feel like your gray isn’t going to be pretty – you really can’t tell until all your dyed hair is almost gone! 🙂

          26 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Tara

      You look so petty and natural. As long as you feel good about it is really what matters and the positive feedback from all overs is icing on the cake. 👍🏻🌸

      25 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  19. Crystal

    I’m 54 and started to transition from dyed dark brown to my natural grey in November, 2018. I was tired of spending money every 6 weeks, not to mention 3 hours at the salon each time only to have the grey roots show up 2 weeks later. My identical twin let her hair go several years ago so I had an *idea* of what I would look like but I just wasn’t ready before then. I have long formerly dark brown hair and didn’t want to go short while it grew out. I had a lot of fun wearing it in french braids and interesting ponytails that showed off the color variations during the transition period! I still have 2-3 inches of died hair that I need cut off but now that we are sheltering at home it could be some time before I get that done and I can’t wait! I’ve had other women on the street compliment me and it really is an empowering feeling.C

    20 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Joni

      Wow! You are so close to being finished! Yay! And I hear ya on how empowering it feels when women (and men) give you compliments. Not that I need anyone’s approval, but it sure it nice to be told how good it looks.

      24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  20. Cirri

    I’m 45 and starting the process, mostly due to Covid19 shutting my hair stylist down. I’m 2 months into it, I’d say I’m 50% grey, started going grey at 18. I’m young but the color only lasts 2 weeks, not very satisfying. My husband is supportive, as are my kids and friends. I’m happy to make this decision but I’m just having a hard time looking in the mirror with my hair up or having my picture taken. Haha. I’m so happy to read your story, it’s a comfort. I know I’ll look great, I do have a lot of hair and it’s long and wavy. It’s just hard some days to feel yound and pretty.

    14 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Karen

      So glad to see a dark-eyed lady go gray – truly lovely and inspiring.

      17 . Apr . 2020 Reply
      • Barbara

        Eight weeks in, going cold turkey!

        23 . Apr . 2020 Reply
        • Joni

          Yes! Good luck, Barbara! You can do it! And you won’t regret it.

          24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Elise

      I’m going to be 56 in May and have been working with my colorist for 9 months to lighten my color slowly, as highlights were damaging my hair. She offered to make an at-home color kit for my roots during the COVID 19 shutdown of salons. I’m 5 weeks in and I think this is the time to start the transition. Who am I going to see anyway while I’m sheltering in place. I’m going to document the whole timeline. My mom has beautiful silver highlights and soft hair, I think I know what it’ll look like when it’s done. Good luck to the others going through it now.

      18 . Apr . 2020 Reply
      • Joni

        Hi, Elise! I think that was a smart move to slowly lighten your color like that. I’m betting it will make your transition to grey that much easier.

        24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Joni

      Hi, Cirri! I’m glad to know that my story could be of some comfort. Ditching the dye is not for the faint of heart, that’s for sure. I love knowing that you have all sorts of support in your decision to go grey. That makes it a little easier. I’ll be honest, most of the time I just acted as if my hair didn’t have a demaraction line and that helped me immensely. I was kind of doing that whole “fake it ’til you make it” thing. Good luck on your journey to grey!

      24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  21. Michele DAnniballe

    I am turning 60 in October. I recently went from blond to my natural color which is almost black. Ironically, this happened before the COVID pandemic. My stylist told me I am about 50% gray. I have decided to embrace my “sparklers” in my hair and let nature take the course.

    13 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Joni

      Hi, Michele! Good luck on your transition to grey! You’re going to love the freedom of not coloring your hair. It’s so liberating.

      24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  22. Jasmine

    I have dyed my hair since I was 25. I started going grey like you at 17-18. My fear of going grey is my frizz and my complexion. My hair dresser once told me I don’t have the complexion to go grey. I’m Asian Indian … her remark makes me self conscious. This year I turned 56, I think I’m going to go grey.

    05 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      Jasmine, have you seen Anjana’s story? I think Mother Nature knows best about whether your natural hair color will suit your complexion! I was really worried about that myself (I’m super pale) and my silver hair actually complements my complexion. So don’t listen to your hairdresser on this one 🙂

      07 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • nancy

      I wish I could however I have so much hereditary hair loss, that a white scalp makes it look even worse. Im doomed.

      11 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Melissa

      I agree with Katie, hair color is very lucrative for stylists. Most don’t want you to quit coloring because that means you won’t be going to them as often. Go for it!

      11 . Apr . 2020 Reply
      • Joni

        True, and also they seem to believe the myth that grey hair ages us — and it doesn’t.

        24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
    • Joni

      Jasmine, I’m so sorry your hair dresser told you that. Like Katie said, Mother Nature knows best with our hair color. If you take a look at the ladies who have finished growing out their grey, I think you’ll see that they actually look better. Colored hair can really wash you out. All of the Asian Indian women I have seen going grey on Instagram look incredibly beautiful. If you get the chance, head over there and take a look. Ranuka of @6yardsof_art is a good account to look at, not only for her saris but also her gorgeous transitioning hair. Also, check out Sunitha of @aginggracefullyforever. She is stunning.

      24 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  23. Laura

    I am almost 67 years old. I have been wanting to go grey for several years. NO ONE wants me to do it. I am very youthful and my family and friends, even my hairdresser, think this would age me. Also my 86 year old mother still colors her hair a medium brown. I hate it on her but she’s very vain. I do not want to be that person. Conceding to everyone else’s wishes, two years ago, I went from dark brown (my natural color I had been dying for 20 years) to medium brown with highlights. I loved it at first. Now I am so tired of having to be at the salon for two hours with chemicals on my head every five weeks, plus the exhorbitant expense. I know that I am totally grey. How? My hair grows fast and within two weeks of having it done, I am having to use some sort of filler to cover the grey. My hesitancy to do so is I have an olive complexion and my grey is not pretty or attractive. So I would still have to put color on my grey. Seems like a futile process to me. I applaud you for taking this huge step.

    26 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  24. Stevie

    Joni, you look beautiful. I have tried several times to go grey; my daughters hate it and do not want me too, and they also tell me it makes me look older. I am 68 years young and Thinking about trying it again. The other issue I have about the grey is my skin tone it is of an olive tone.


    18 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  25. Mary

    Yes Joni, you do look great! I am 70 and last year I started my transition in September. I have embraced the freeing of not having to dye my hair. I made a mistake and let my hair stylist daughter do a T-highlight to just cut the box around my dyed hair. She took some of my silver salt
    and pepper area and bleached out the dark and made it look a beige color. Never again. I refuse to cut my hair and will continue to let the gray grow out.

    18 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  26. Elle

    You look great Joni. I started my transition earlier this month when I turned 54. I keep telling myself I’m going to look great. I have long hair and I really don’t want to cut it, I know I’ll have to be very patient. I have to attend my stepson’s wedding this summer, any suggestion on styling while in transition, I’ll be four months in. Elle

    16 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  27. Deann Lundin

    I am about mid of your prosess. You look beautiful. Thanks for giving me the courage to keep going. My hair style is just like yours. You don’t know what your did. Thanks 😘

    12 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  28. Kathy Wheeler

    Hi Joni. Your story is inspiring and your hair is gorgeous. I am 12 months in and struggling every day, mostly mentally as you mentioned. The one thing I hate is the coarse/frizziness I’m getting with the transition. Would love to know if you experienced this and what can help Thanks for sharing your story. I might just make it.

    09 . Mar . 2020 Reply
  29. Mary

    I I hope my hair is is half as nice as yours.yours is so thick. Getting some flack from my friends but I am 7 months in now.

    20 . Feb . 2020 Reply
  30. Lynn

    You’re beautiful to start with and that certainly helps. Letting your hair go to its natural gray color enhanced your natural beauty and is even more becoming.
    You’ve given me the boost of bravery I needed to make the decision to stop coloring my hair. Just saying it is very liberating!
    Thank you for sharing your journey to becoming the best and real you.


    05 . Feb . 2020 Reply
  31. Julie Wissmueller

    You are beautiful! I am ready to stop coloring my grey hair. After seeing your transformation I feel better about my decision. Thank You!

    15 . Jan . 2020 Reply
  32. Cid

    Love your hair and it is very becoming on you! I stopped dying my hair five years ago. It’s still salt and pepper with the back being dark. It may never be a beautiful grey like yours, but I’ve learned to be happy with the color I have.

    30 . Dec . 2019 Reply
  33. Kimberly

    I started my journey when I turned 50 in August 2019. I also asked my husband and children and everyone to my surprise was on board. I work as an administrator for an elementary school (with mostly women) so the responses have been more positive then negative. The students in the school have also asked about my hair color. I am just 6 months in and some days are better then others but reading others comments is very helpful! Thanks for your postings.

    29 . Dec . 2019 Reply
  34. Jyoti aggarwal

    Hi.i am fifty plus n yes dying hair every 2-3 weeks is really tirinf n stressful.i admire women like you who have been bold in their decision to go grey n beautiful.i am beginning to think of going grey too n need lot of support from family n look beautiful in your grey look😊

    14 . Dec . 2019 Reply
  35. Wm.

    Joni, you are absolutely beautiful. Your hair is an example of how gorgeous it makes you.

    08 . Dec . 2019 Reply
  36. Jill Nichols

    I just completed the same and love it. It really is feeling of freeing. I can’t explain it, it’s just, like, one less thing to think about.

    20 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      That’s so awesome, Jill! Congratulations on getting through your journey to grey! I know what you mean. It’s so freeing to be done with the dye.

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  37. Jen

    Wow, your transition is wonderful. I started in October, my husband wasn’t sure about this change either but now is loving it.

    20 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you, Jen! It makes things a lot easier when you have support from family and friends. Good luck on your journey to grey!

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  38. Susan

    I am 8 weeks in the process. At 50 years old I was overwhelmed that every 3 weeks I would be dying my hair. I am so thankful that so many people are doing this. It is so incredibly freeing to be done with coloring my hair. Some members want me to get spend the money to get highlights and make the transition easier, but I am not going to to it. My husband and kids are super supportive. I am done with anything other than trims now and then. It feels so GOOD!!!

    20 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Yes! It is SO freeing! So glad your kids and husband are very supportive. Good luck on growing out your greys! It’s quite an experience.

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  39. Abigail

    You look Amazing 👍🏽 I’m hoping my transition isn’t so hard.

    20 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you so much, Abigail! I wouldn’t say that going grey is hard necessarily. It mostly tests your patience. Do you have short or long hair?

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  40. Jenn

    Wow…you look amazing with your Grey hair. Good for you to have soo much patience. Im at the beginning of my journey now to transition to whatever colour is under the blond.🙄🤔… it’s an emotional desicion…..😌

    19 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you, Jenn! I didn’t know I had that kind of patience. I was certainly surprised. More than anything, I was very determined/stubborn to see this through. And you’re right. It’s definitely an emotional decision.

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  41. Eileen

    Wow! Your hair is beautiful! I’ve been seriously thinking about ditching the dye as I’m at the point of needing to go every four weeks. So tired of paying to put chemicals on my head! Since I am over 60 now why not? I too will keep my long hair. My husband is not on board so it will be a bit more challenging, but I’m optimistic that once he sees and gets an idea, he will appreciate my new look.

    03 . Nov . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you so much, Eileen! It is such freedom to have gone grey. Have you showed your husband pictures of silver haired women? He will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful they all are.

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  42. Bubbie

    Brava! I’m 2 months into going grey, I too am tired of the dyeing process and harsh chemicals. I hope my hair looks as great as yours does when all is said and done.

    26 . Oct . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you! Good luck on your transition to grey. I’m sure your hair is going to look fantastic!

      21 . Nov . 2019 Reply
  43. Ada

    Me encanta!!! Soy una silver mas!!!

    20 . Oct . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Muchas gracias, Ada!

      21 . Oct . 2019 Reply
  44. Bonnie

    You look absolutely awesome with gray hair!

    19 . Oct . 2019 Reply
    • Joni

      Thank you so much, Bonnie!

      21 . Oct . 2019 Reply
  45. April Widdis

    Love !! I too Started mine Apr 2018 and finished Oct 10 2019,

    14 . Oct . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Wonderful, April!

      19 . Oct . 2019 Reply
      • Rebecca B.

        It takes a lot of courage to “ditch the bottle”, but so worth the time and emotions of going through that transition! You’re a beautiful woman and your hair is gorgeous! I’ve been dye-free for 4 months and embracing the new me!

        16 . Jun . 2020 Reply

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