Hi, I’m Katie. I Started Graying In My Teens & Dyed My Hair For 25+ Years

Every so often, I would see a woman around my age with beautiful, naturally gray hair and I would think about growing out my grays. But I would always stop myself.

I was afraid of looking old. I totally bought into the mindset that going gray meant you were “letting yourself go.”

In February 2018, at age 50, I decided I’d had ENOUGH!

I just couldn’t bear the thought of spending any more money and any more time trying to hide my natural hair color. By a strange coincidence, one of my friends had just started going gray and she gave me that extra boost I needed to make the transition.

To my surprise, the minute I decided to stop hiding my age, I felt so liberated that it has changed my outlook on life in general. I’m bursting with creativity and energy, and I’m hoping to transmit some of that in this blog!

On these pages, I’ll be discussing the gray hair transition (emotions, products, hair care), and once I’m finally all gray, I’m sure I’ll also have some tips & tricks on how to take care of your gray hair.  

It’s great to see women of all ages choosing to go gray.  Maybe we can finally get rid of the notion that gray hair is frumpy!

Here Are Some Resources I Offer

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Gray-Friendly Salon Directory

If your stylist isn’t on board with your gray hair transition, it’s time to switch. Check out my international gray-friendly salon directory for stylists in your area. 

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Amazon Shop For Silver Sisters

Curious what products work best for transitioning hair, or hair that’s already all gray? Head over to my Amazon Shop for a large selection!

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Gray Hair Confidence Coaching

Looking for some support in your transition to silver hair or are you fully gray but need help figuring out which products are best for you?


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