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Welcome to Katie Goes Platinum, an honest and comprehensive resource for women who want to confidently embrace their naturally gray hair.

My name is Katie. I’m the blogger behind this site, and I just finished my own gray hair transition on February 22, 2020 – two years after I made the decision to ditch the dye!

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If your stylist isn’t on board with your gray hair transition, it might be time to find a new stylist who will make you feel GOOD about your choice! 

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6. Read These Inspiring Transition Stories

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If you love learning via video, check out my YouTube channel! This is where I share tips & tricks for transitioning to gray hair as well as interviews with other women who have gone through this process.

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It’s not easy to go against the tide and ditch the dye. Some statistics state that 75% of American women color their hair. But the tide is turning, and people like YOU are the reason why.

Congratulations, and welcome to the silver sisterhood!

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