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30 Gray Hair Before and After Pix that Will Blow Your Mind

Inside: Gray hair before and after pictures as far as the eye can see!

Before I ditched the dye last February, I fretted at the way I looked in photos. I blamed it on the aging process, but I now think it was the dyed hair that sapped all the color out of my face.

Why do I think this? Because once I stopped dyeing and embraced my grays, my complexion brightened up considerably!

I am surprised to find that I look younger in photos now than I while I was dyeing my hair.

image of women going gray
May 2018 vs. September 2019

Other silver sisters I’ve spoken to feel the same. It’s a common refrain in the gray hair Facebook support groups: Mother Nature knows what she is doing!

I asked my silver sisters if they’d be kind enough to contribute their photos to this post so we could check this phenomenon out.

I think you’ll see what I see: the gray creates a softening/brightening effect to the complexion, which is really flattering, especially compared to the harsher effect created by dyed hair.

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Note: All of the Instagram and other photos on this site are used with permission. Please show your support to these awesome gray hair influencers by following them on social media. You’ll be inspired, I promise. ❤️

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Stunning Before and After Pictures of Grey Hair from Instagram

image of woman going gray
Michele, age 58
Check out Michele’s Silver Hair Transition Story
image of woman before and after going grey
Michelle – you can see her transition story here.
image of woman before and after going silver
You can read all about Marci’s transition here: Marci’s Stunning Transition to a Silver Pixie
image of woman before and after going gray
Karen, 45
Check out Karen’s Silver Hair Transition Story
image woman with red hair and then  going gray
Sherry’s transition is also on this site at Sherry’s Luscious Long Gray Hair
image of growing out gray hair
Jen, age 46
Jen’s Silver Hair Adventure
image woman going gray
Vicki, 50
image of frankie's grey hair
Frankie, 35
Frankie Goes Grey
image woman as a brunette and then gray
Amber, 40
image of woman before after gray hair
Georgina, 60
image of joni
Joni, 51
Joni’s Grey Hair Transition Story
image of woman before and after gray hair
image of woman before and after going gray
Check out Bek’s Awesome Transition to Gray Hair
image of woman before and after gray hair
Susan, 62
image of woman in her 30s with gray hair
Cheri, 34
image of woman with gray hair at age 43
Joli, 43
Check out Joli’s Transition story here and read about her amazing gray hair products here!
image of beautiful woman before and after gray hair
Marianne, 48
image of 39 year old woman with gray hair
Mary, 39
image of 55 year old woman with gray hair
Therese, 55
image of what would i look like with gray hair
Liz, 54
image of diana


The next group of Before/After pictures were shared with me on Silver Revolution, the awesome Facebook silver sister support group.

Sometimes, people ask me “Why is there a need for support groups?”

Why?! Because it is nearly impossible to go silver without getting some (or a lot!) of negative feedback, so it REALLY helps to have a great group of online friends giving you the support that you might not be receiving at home or in society.

Anyway, on to the photos:

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image of woman going gray
Andrea, 43
image of woman before and after going grey
Cindy, 51
image of pinterest pin about gray hair
Karen, 55
image of woman
Kristen, 34
image of woman before and after gray hair
Sydney, 35
image of woman with short brown bob and long gray hair
Kat, 66
before and after image of woman with curly gray hair from dark
Sheryl, 56
image of beautiful black woman going gray and loving it
Rhiannon, 38 – Check out her Transition Story here.
image of woman before and after going gray
Yvette, 43
Jen, 48
image woman going grey from dark brunette hair
Sheryl, 59
image of woman before and after going gray
Katie, 31
image of woman before and after going gray
Krisann, 53
image of before and after gray hair woman
Jonie, 52
image woman before after going gray
Mel, 43
 image of woman going gray
Sharon, 63
image of woman before and after going gray
Lupe, 47
image of woman going gray
Jill, 52

Look again at the photos: Even the ladies who are not fully gray have a vibrancy to their complexion. To me (at least), their faces seem brighter.

And, as opposed to the scare tactics thrown at us by ad agencies and beauty magazines, I don’t think any of these ladies look “20 years older!”, do you?


If you’re on the fence about going gray, or if you just started your transition process and are curious about what you might look like in the future, check out these fun apps!

They aren’t 100% accurate, but they’re definitely entertaining.

Hair Color Booth (Apple)

Hair Color Changer (Android)

YouCam Makeup Magic Selfie Cam (Apple)
YouCam Makeup Magic Selfie Cam (Android)

And here’s a website that offers a way for you to see how you’d look with a different hair color: The Right Hairstyles

Video: 50+ Stunning Gray Hair Before and After Pix


As you can see above, gray hair does not automatically make one look older, despite what the ad agencies would have us believe.

In fact, in many cases, it improves our looks by enhancing our complexion and by making us happier internally as we stop worrying about what other people think and start following our own path.

Is it possible that you might stop dyeing and end up unhappy with your natural color? There’s always that chance. But why not give it a shot? If you hate your gray hair, you can always go back to dyeing.

But you’ll never know until you try!

Want to see more beautiful transitions to gray hair? Check out Joli’s article: Full Transitions to Gray Hair for inspiration.

Documenting your gray hair transition with selfies makes it FUN and memorable.

Please do me a favor and share this post to social media, as it helps me grow my audience and spread the word about our Silver Revolution!  And remember to subscribe to my YouTube Channel and Pinterest Feed for more gray hair tips and product recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Laurie L. says:

    I’d like to see more pics of women with short hair. Seems the majority of your pics are women with medium-to-long hair. As we age 65 and older, many women start wearing their hair short for easier care.
    Also, what determines if gray hair has a shine to it? Makes it look healthy. Is this a natural thing for some women or the result of hair products?

    1. Hi, Laurie – these photos are submitted to me, and most of the women who send me photos these days tend to wear their hair longer. I’ll try to solicit more short hair photos in the future, though! Re: shine – many of us find that our natural hair shines all on its own. Personally, I haven’t had to use any shine products since I went gray – it just grows in that way. But here’s a great article for more info: https://quicksilverhair.com/things-that-dull-your-silver-hair/

  2. They all looked better and hotter with salt pepper hair or gray hair.

  3. I ditched the dye recently and am at 5 weeks growth. I am dark brunette and decided to do the strip dye technique, instead of cold turkey or baby highlights. It was a tough decision but I had my hair strip dyed last night and LOVE it! Love watching the journey of all these beautiful, courageous women!

    1. Wonderful, Susan! Can I ask you what you mean by strip dye? Do you mean you had your color removed and then gray toner added? Thx! Glad you love it!

    2. My hair is long – to the middle of my back – and I was considering going to a guy in CA (and spending a fortune) to see if he could color it all at once. I would love to know where you went, if it took all day, and if you can easily sustain the look now!

  4. My hair is long (mid back) and I’ve been presently coloring it a ginger reddish brown. My hair has gotten darker with age (I’m 60) and I have some gray hair but not a lot. Would love to stop coloring just to avoid the cost every 6 to 7 weeks but I’m afraid that it will look all dull and drab.

    1. Hi, Sonya – I bet you’d be pleasantly surprised. Most women I know who’ve gone gray have regained their hair’s luster and shine. You cannot predict what the color will look like so if you do decide to go gray, you’ll have to be patient and wait for all the dye yo be cut off before deciding if you like your silver hair or not.

  5. Eilín Casey says:

    Hi Ladies,I am now 52 and I dyed my hair for the last time the day before the first lockdown in 2020. All my girlfriends advised against it. Seventeen months later and I have a full healthy head of almost silver hair and I absolutely love it! Those same girlfriends now insist that I must never even consider getting low lights. I laugh now at how nervous I was about making the decision to embrace this positive life enhancing change.

  6. Wow! They all look younger and prettier with their natural grey hair! The dye actually made them look older! Is it just me who thinks that?

    (I’m 32, got lots of greys already, and haven’t colored my hair to cover them – at least not yet, still like my greys haha)

  7. Thanks Katie I really liked the list espc 17th.

  8. I had thought about going gray, had been a redhead for a long time! Well, the pandemic made the final decision for me. After 2 months with no color or cut I was half way there! When I was able to get to the salon, had a very short spiky pixie which cut off most of the red except for the top! 2 more cuts should do.
    Love it! Glad I did it, don’t think it makes me look old!

  9. In every one of the before and after pictures, not one of the ladies looks any older with their natural gray hair! In fact, each one of their faces and hair color are so much softer because the drastic contrast between harsh dyed hair colors and their natural skin tone is gone. At this particular point in time, with all the salons closed due to Covid, I am absolutely thrilled I let my hair grow out because I am not having to deal with the myriad of problems that ladies are struggling with due to the salons being closed! Say Yes to Mother Nature. You’ll be so glad you did!

  10. Blair Robinson says:

    Thank you for inspiration!

  11. Deborah Wiley-Patel says:

    I stopped dyeing at 45! I got my first grays at 23 right after my first child was born. I have been called a Grandma by the Walmart cashier who looked older than me. My 8 years old daughter was with me. I corrected the cashier and let her know that just because a woman has gray hair does not make her a grandma. She came back with, “Well, I am a Grandma.” And I reminded her that I was not just because I had gray hair. For whatever reason, she was offended.

    1. Started to let my white roots come in 5 months ago. Was a level 10 blonde color. Decided I couldn’t take the stripe of different hair color anymore . Went to salon as soon as it opened and had my hair color done all white. It is stunning g and I love it. So so many compliments. Will never look back. Just know that this is another option if you can’t stand the difference in the 2 colors. Hope this helps somebody. Also I am 72 yrs young and have shoulder length hair.

      1. I do that, too! I only have a little gray peeking through at the crown. Agreed that it is easier, and perfectly acceptable! Some purists frown on this. I applaud you! It’s our right! Happy Thanksgiving! Just to mix it up, I sometimes do a temporary pink color on it, and it gradually melts away, and it’s just fun!

      2. I thought I’d cut my hair short to help the process but the cut was wrong so in order to correct it I had to cut it a bit more and I totally hate the cut! With gray coming in too I worry I’ll cave. I have been blonde for years but my natural color is a light ash brown. Didn’t going platinum damage your hair? What do you recommend I do?

        1. That is so frustrating, Linda! Going platinum naturally doesn’t damage your hair, but it CAN damage your hair if you go to the salon to get transitioned to gray IF your hair is already damaged to begin with. But if your hair is a light ash brown (i.e., not too dark), and relatively healthy, a salon transition might be the answer for you to keep you from caving against your will. My Mom has short hair and it only took her 1 session at the salon to get the help she needed to stay the course. You might be pleasantly surprised!

  12. Dorothy carbone says:

    I am 63 . I decided 15 months ago to stop dying my hair . Best decision ever !!!
    I get compliments all the time.
    It is very liberating to say the least .

      1. I let my hair go gray about 5 years ago. The color just wouldn’t take anymore. My stylist had to leave it on for an extra amount of time and it would burn and irritate my scalp. Finally I had enough. She cut it short and put in highlights while it was growing out. After a few cuts I was silver and happy with it. So nice to not have gray roots showing up and spending 100’s of dollars every 6 weeks ! I love my gray and would not go back !

  13. I am 76 and transiting to grey I have been at it almost 2 years I feel great gone are those lines when the Blonde grew out I have let it grow long and love it

  14. Rocquanne says:

    I decided to stop dyeing my hair at least 5 years ago. I had to do it once a month!!! I’m not sorry one bit. After it was all grown out a few of my friends bravely decided they were going to stop dyeing also. Many people have told me they would pay money to get my hair color. I guess that means I did the right thing. All my friends hair are beautiful as well. We are all over 60.

    1. I stopped dying my hair 3 years ago. I an 70 years old. I get all kinds of compliments. If I had realized I would love my hair as much as I do, I would not have waited so long.

  15. Joyce Gotsch says:

    I’m so glad I found this group!!! I’m 70 and just decided enough is enough! I’m done with the dye!
    Some days I look at my hair and get a little nervous so the group support will be helpful.

    1. Hi, Joyce! The silver sister community is so welcoming! If you haven’t already, I hope you will join us over at Silver Revolution on Facebook!

  16. Karen Will says:

    I loved all the pictures I am 65 and just. stopped coloring my hair it has been 4 months now my hair is very long and might now cut it It is very hard having 4daughters each giving me their fashion advice your posts help me alot I’M not ever going back

  17. I love all these pictures! There is truly a confidence, a sparkle and peaceful look in the “after dye” pictures. ?.

  18. Gray or white hair is the fashion trend right now. I’ve been gray for a few years now. I got tired of coloring the roots. I’m so jealous of all the women that have beautiful natural solid white hair. I had my hairdresser bleach mine hoping for the solid white look but it didn’t turn out like I’d hoped. So it will be growing out again to my natural color. And I think long gray hair is gorgeous if taken care of and styled.

  19. Beautiful pics Katie. I’ve been thinking about going gray for a long time now and these pics just settled it. I’m tired of covering the gray too. It’s now time to let it shine just like my silver sisters!!

    1. Wow! I’m so glad it helped you make your decision! xoxoxo

      1. Katie – you inspired me to stop coloring my hair. I was actually tired of coloring it and the white roots would start peeking out within two weeks! I’m into month 14. I’m happy with what I’m seeing – it seems that it will be another year before transition is complete. My hair is shoulder length and I have an inch or more trimmed off every three months. Slowly but surely I will reach my goal! I am 64 and have been coloring my hair since my twenties – first for the fun of it then as the years went by it was to cover roots. My hair is salt and pepper and not solid white. But I LOVE it!

        1. I’m so happy to hear that, Angelia! Isn’t it FUN? It’s so great to end up with totally unique hair.

  20. Wow! Everyone looks so beautiful! I’m not afraid to go natural (which will be sooner than later) thank you. And my husband should be proud of his silver too!

  21. april hernandez says:

    I’m so much more confident now that I’ve grown out my gray. Before I was consumed with coloring my roots, and when would I have time, scheduling my weekends around it. That’s just crazy, I get so many compliments on my hair!! If you are thinking about it, DO IT!!

  22. Been 5 or 6 months since color and I decided to see what my natural color is. I am 59 so by next year ill have my answer. These posts are motivating!!

    1. I’m so glad they help, Beth! Good luck with your transition!

  23. Interesting. To me, the age issue is neither here nor there. Rather, my perception is that all of them were rather bland and non-descript other (than safe and banal) in their before photos. It’s in their after photos that they come to life! They all shine literally and figuratively. What an amazing process!

  24. Honest thoughts- they are all beautiful in both pictures but the silver hair makes each one look amazing- younger and fresher!

  25. Thank you for featuring me….and many others.
    Wondeful to see how we all glow with our Silver!

    1. You’re welcome, Vicki! Thanks for participating 🙂

  26. June Schalit says:

    Everyone looks so much prettier with silver!!!! Beautiful fotos and thanks for posting 🙂

  27. Nice but I don’t see anyone 60 or older . I guess because the point was that gray hair is not just for old people?

    1. Hi, Sharon – That’s not the reason. Nobody 60 or over offered to let me use their photos. Believe me, I want to represent all ages on this site, but so far, no 60+ women have agreed to let me publish their photos. Maybe in the future!


      1. The economy shutdown helped to seal my decision. I’ve let people around me know my plan. So surprised at how many try to talk you out of it. I’m 57 and tired of the drive, the hours, the time in the chair. Not to mention the $$$$. Lol even my mother is trying to talk me out of this. Ridiculous. I want the sense of freedom to just be completely me.

  29. Honey Bee says:

    In EVERY CASE, they look at least as good if not amazingly better, silver. Sometimes they do look older, but when did older become such a bad thing? With age comes wisdom! Love these beautiful transformational images!

    1. And don’t forget, for most of us it took a couple years or more to grow out the dye, so we are in fact older in the silver pic! It’s cool though, isn’t it?

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