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Mireya’s Gorgeous Long Silver Hair Transition

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Mireya caught my eye on Instagram due to her gorgeous long silver hair. You can find her there at @bobandmireya

I am 48-1/2  years old, I live in Southern California, USA.

I was seven years old when I noticed my first gray hair; I was amused, and thought nothing of it.

Since my earliest memories, I can’t ever recall a time when my parents did not have some degree of silver, or salt & pepper in their hair.

When I first started to have a sprinkle of gray here and there, it was right after my son was born; I was 19. Then, when I had my daughter at 22, all of a sudden I found more gray hairs.

But still, I thought nothing of it until my female boss was looking over my shoulder and said, “My goodness, for such a young woman, you sure have a lot of gray hair!”

I felt so embarrassed and ashamed. I did not want to be a young mom with gray hair.

I told my husband about it, and he told me that he would support me in whatever decision I made. However, he let me know that he preferred that I not dye my hair, but just stay natural.

When my daughter was about 2 years old, I decided to dye my gray hair. 

At first it was no big deal because I would dye maybe once a month. This continued until I was 41.

Many times I tried stopping because as I got older, especially the last 8 years prior to 41, it seemed that I had to do it MORE OFTEN.

I dreaded the gray hair “skunk line”.

The cold turkey approach would only last about 3 months, or 2 inches… then I’d go back to the bottle.

I grew tired of the damage caused by the dye (burned scalp and peeling skin) and I was sick of worrying whether anyone knew that I had gray hair. (Sometimes, I’d pack a box of dye just in case we’d be gone too long on vacation!)

Right before I turned 42, I decided that it was time. My heart was ready. I thought, “Who am I kidding? You’re gonna be 42… deal with it.”

So, I challenged myself to go 12 months cold turkey. If I didn’t like what I saw at the end, then I’d go back to the bottle.

It was HARD. Every time I looked in the mirror, I could see those shiny grays growing. I so wanted to dye (and die)!!! 

I went the long route. I cut off ends as my hair grew. By the time 60% had grown out, the ombre look was in. Older and younger gals thought I had it done.

On the other hand, my kids, a pesky brother-in-law, and a jerky boss gave me unsolicited advice, jokes, or comments, such as “Why are you letting yourself go, you’ll look old!”

It took a total of 3 years to grow my long silver hair out from root to ends.

I absolutely LOVE my hair! I get compliments all the time, at least three a week (but who’s counting?)

Recently, my husband and I were in a restaurant, and this man from another table came up to me (my husband had stepped away to the bar) while I was reading my menu and said, “Can I ask you a question? Is your hair naturally that color?”

I confirmed it.

He then said, “I’m sorry, but you are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!”

He also wanted to know my age; I told him and he was surprised. My husband returned, and I introduced the man to him. The man then turned to my husband and blurted, “Man, you’re f**k’g lucky, your wife is gorgeous! That hair, your face…BEAUTIFUL.”

The man shook my husband’s hand as if to congratulate him…and then proceeded to call over his wife! 

She came over, and he told her that she should grow hers out, too.

I felt bad for her because I don’t think she was at a place where she wanted to go gray. I told her, “It’s a matter of the heart, you’ll know when you are ready, it’s not for everyone.”

When I started my gray hair transition, I had no idea there were support groups out there.

I joined some of the Facebook groups, then I graduated to Instagram, where I found even more support! I’ve gotten such positive feedback from my silver sisters on these groups.

One major change that I have implemented recently is losing weight and getting healthy.

I have lost a total of 37 pounds; I still have more to go. I have changed my eating habits, no sugars, no flours. I think the diet change shows on my skin; people don’t believe that I’m 48.

I feel more confident and beautiful with my long silver hair than when I was younger.

My daughter says that her co-workers and friends think that I’m too young to be her mom. They also compliment her for having a “pretty” mom. WOW!

My husband calls me his “Silver Fox.”

I also photo stock model on occasion for a friend who uploads and sells on Getty Images & iStock. My “youthful” face and “contrasting hair” make me marketable, more so for senior ads (retirement, menopause, diabetes, active seniors, etc).

It’s kinda like magazines that use 15-year-old models with flawless skin to represent 25-year-old women, LOL!

I dress different, too. No more sweats and boxy clothes.

I wear more blacks, grays, and other richer colors like royal blue, rich mustard, and deep greens.

I can no longer wear browns, pastels, or soft colors; they wash me out. I used to wear sunny yellow when I had dark hair, I have not tried it recently.

Bright red makes me look like a clown, I stay away from it, BUT NOT LIPSTICK!   Red is my go-to lip color!

My color palette is WINTER. Blacks, grays, mustard, green.

For shampoo, I really do not have a preference or a product that I’m faithful to.

Recently, I have been using OGX Extra Strength Refreshing Scalp + Tea Tree Mint Shampoo. I really see a difference in that it gets rid of scalp oil very well, but it can be drying.

And for conditioner, I’ve recently been using a mask: Brassiness Hair Mask with Lavender Oil by Hair Chemist; it really conditions dry hair. 

What I have used in the past, and still do, in between these afore-mentioned products is Sally’s Generic Value Product Purple shampoo & conditioner. The conditioner really brings down the yellow and brassiness of my silvers…I LOVE IT!

I don’t really wear a lot of make-up. My daily routine is SPF100, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick… sometimes blush (rarely).

Red & hot pink lipstick flatter my skin & hair. Black or gray eyeliners are my go-to.  No foundation yet, I would not even know how to apply it without looking cakey!

Final thoughts on going gray: It’s not for everyone.  

It’s a matter of the heart. If you don’t feel it, don’t do it; you’ll only get depressed (I did).

When you are ready, go all out, ENDURE, and the end result will be WONDERFUL & FREEING!  You’ll be happy you left Miss Clairol; you’ll make new friends!

Mireya's long silver locks make her feel glowing self-confidence
Dec. 2018
A look

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  1. I started this journey years ago. Tired of the constant upkeep. And I’m a professional hairdresser. I was told I’d look old. Guess what? I am. I’m not fooling anyone. Plus I have gotten more compliments on my hair salt and pepper than in all my years

  2. You look so beautiful and radiant with your silver hair! Loved seeing your transition. You definitely don’t look older. I am almost 3 months in and seeing other women during their transition phase and reading about their stories is keeping me in the game. Can’t wait until there is no more dye in my hair. Thanks for the inspiration. ?

  3. Vicki vickers says:

    Your story is amazing. you are totally right, it’s a matter of the heart and you will know when you’re ready. I am at 10 months and love my decision to go cold turkey, it is what worked for me and I don’t miss dying my hair, best choice ever!
    Thank you for sharing

  4. Jen Smith says:

    I completely relate to this!!! I used to dye my hair on vacation!!! So glad I don’t have to do that any more!!

  5. Wow! You are absolutely gorgeous! I love your natural look and I feel it makes you look younger.

  6. I enjoy hearing transition stories. Every one is different and so inspiring! I love this website!!

    1. Mireya, Zorra says:

      Thanks Peggy! It truly is a journey of the mind and soul ♥

  7. She looks stunning with gray hair! She actually looks better than when she dyed it. So beautiful.

    1. Mireya, Zorra says:

      Thank you Laura. Yes, I do feel more vibrant and pretty with my silver hair now… I can’t believe that I dyed it for such a long time.

  8. This lady’s awesome attitude and love for life really shine through in her pictures and this post. What a happy and inspirational story–so glad I read it!

    1. Mireya, Zorra says:

      Yes, when there is freedom from the bottle (dye) and you have a family (especially my husband) that is supportive, you can’t help but to radiate love and confidence! ♥

  9. Stunning is the right word—WOW! Your hair (and you) are gorgeous!

    1. Mireya, Zorra says:

      Thank you Lisa ♥ I have never felt more beautiful and confident now than when I dyed it before. It’s crazy, but I feel like a late bloomer! 😉

  10. Yay!! Love this one. She was one of my Instagram inspirations. So beautiful!

    1. Hi Eva! All I can say is W-O-W. I’m glad that I can be of inspiration on your journey to becoming and embracing the Silver Sisterhood ♥ When I first started growing it out, I had no idea there were others doing so. Thanks Katie for allowing me to share my story, it truly is a privilege (and fun) to be part of your blog!

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