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Amanda’s Fun and Natural Grey Hair Journey

I asked Amanda to be part of my Silver Hair Transition Stories because her photos on Instagram leaped off my phone. Not only are they great photos, but she is also obviously having fun transitioning to natural grey hair. How inspiring! You can follow her on Instagram here: @amanda.obrennan

Hi friend!! My name is Amanda O’Brennan and I’m a 34-year old wife and mama of four beautiful kiddos, and I live in Vancouver Island, B.C.

image of fun mama and child

I didn’t used to be “crunchy” but in the last few years, I’ve started paying a lot more attention to what food I put in my body, and what products I put around and on my body.

My bright red hair was something that I clung to. It was one of the last swaps I have made, switching from dyeing my hair every 5 weeks, to letting my silvers shine. 

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When did you start noticing greys?

I started noticing greys when I was a teenager. A few odd strays here and there. I always pulled them out. 

image of woman gray roots red lips

How long have you been dyeing your hair?

I started dyeing my hair in my teens. So almost 20 years! 

Why did you decide to transition from dyed hair to your natural grey hair?

My husband had been encouraging me to let it go grey for a few years!

My hairdresser and others that I asked always told me that I was way too young to let my hair go grey. They told me it would make me look so much older.

But around my 34th birthday, I decided that that was enough. I was going to give it a shot. 

image of woman gray roots and brown bun

I chose to let my hair go grey because I was tired of being dissatisfied with my roots after 2 weeks.

It looked awesome for only a couple weeks before I started wanting to get it coloured again.

I also had made the transition in the last few years to actively making healthier choices in all areas of my life. My world is now full of plant-based products, natural means of wellness and an active lifestyle.

I talk about the importance of being aware of the chemicals in your products all the time. This is just one more area I could improve.  

How did the transition go? 

I had my hairdresser add in some very very fine highlights and lowlights. Working to blend with what was coming in naturally at my root. She did this about two times before I just left it alone. 

Did your hairdresser support you?

My hairdresser was super supportive once I made the choice and is very encouraging of the color and how it is growing in. I still see her for trims, deep conditioning treatments & toning. 

The first 5 months was the hardest, but I felt so motivated and inspired by the whole silver grombre community.

I’m only 8.5 months into my transition. But it gets easier all the time as the length grows and it looks less like I just forgot to get my hair done. 

What was the overall response from your friends and family?

My friends and family were, surprisingly, all really supportive and wonderful. I had a lot of really kind comments encouraging me that they really liked it!

Favorite Natural Grey Hair Products

I use a natural shampoo and conditioner from Young Living. No parabens, sulphates… no harsh chemicals. 

There are over 12 toxic ingredients to avoid in shampoo and conditioner, mainly because they have been linked with causing cancer, and other disease and illness.

Even shampoos labeled as containing “all-natural ingredients” often aren’t safe.

image of woman with gray hair and essential oils

I think it is important to make the best-informed choice you can. I often add Blue Tansy (an essential oil) into my shampoo to help to tone.

I also use a DIY Essential Oils Spray and Natural Supplements to help with hair growth and strength. 

image of woman with gray topknot

Did your beauty routine change with grey hair?

I go to the hair salon WAY less, and I no longer at all about when my next hair appointment is. 🙂 

I started playing with more braids! It is fun to see all the colors showing.

I feel like I have a lot of variety depending on how I part and style it. Some days I can choose to be a darker brunette and some days a sparkling bright silver! 

I’m finding myself being more basic with my makeup as well. And being more content embracing my natural face.

image of smiling grey haired woman

Do you find that hair is really connected to emotions? 

For SURE! I really associated myself as a bright redhead. I was that redhead girl and had so many comments about my red hair.

I also associated my past red hair with my brand on social media. That was a difficult thing for me to let go of. But I think it was way harder for me than other people. 😉 

image of smiling woman gray hair

Could you describe what helped you decide to go grey?

I am confident and I know who I am. This choice was mine, and it was the best for me.

I’m ok with going against the grain, but it was very helpful for me that my closest people, my husband and friends, fully encouraged and supported me. 

image of woman with gray roots and sunshine

What would you tell your 25-year-old daughter who is experiencing her first grey hairs and is worrying about it?

I would tell her she is beautiful exactly the way she is, and she should do whatever makes her heart the happiest. 

Final Thoughts about going naturally grey?

I am so grateful for the community of Silver Sisters I have found on Instagram. It helped me to see that grey can be so beautiful and in so many completely different ways! Each one is unique!

There is no replicating that exact pattern. It is all completely and totally special and individual. 

Remember to follow Amanda on Instagram to see more of her fun and natural grey hair photos!

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  1. iris palacios says:

    hello I’m 36 y and a mother of two teen girls, I have stop dying my hair for almost a year and yes I do struggles at time when wanting to dye my hair however most days I love it to the fullest. glad to know there’s other’s that are learning to love their gray hair as well.

  2. Yes, yes, yes! I am 45 with natural black hair that has been dying since I was 28…I am silver underneath and decided to “let it go”! I am almost 3 months in and so relieved! I believe I have become more confident now that I have admitted to the change! I have great support to “go for it” so I am! The transition is fun and sometime funny looking…but it is the new me, and I am loving it! Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. What color lipstick did you use in the picture with the little girl and the picture against the wood wall backdrop? I let my grays proudly take over my hair last year and I am stumped at some of my makeup choices. Thanks!

  4. I first noticed a few greys in my hair at 17, in now 28 and been dying my hair for 11 years! I hate to imagine all the chemicals!
    I finally decided 3months ago to stop with the dye, I’ve been wanting to stop for years but would always chicken out and book another hair appointment. I have 2 daughters now and want them to grow into strong, confident women who dont feel the insecurities and social pressures that I have faced. I want them to feel beautiful and valuable without bowing down to what is expected by society or have to feel like they need to strive to be the ‘ perfect women’ by dying, plucking, shaving, tanning, taping, straightening, curling etc etc within an inch of theirs lives!
    I feel like I need to set an example for my girls. I need to show them how to love who they are no matter the age, stage and let them know what true self care is about.
    I have so much respect for all you ladies on here. Let’s show the world what true beauty is- let’s show our daughters how to be free.

    1. Hi, Hannah! I love that you and other women are setting such a fine example for your daughters!

  5. Hi. I am 37 and i decided let my greys free just two months ago. Family and friends tell me not to do it but i made my decision i hope to get fun with my grey hair soon.

    1. Hi, I am in my 60’s and have been coloring my hair since my 20’s. It’s a thyroid thing in my family going gray early. But I have decided to go gray/ white what ever comes in. I’m tired of coloring my hair all the time and I just want to be free of the hassle of coloring it . If course if I hate it I’ll go back to coloring it but I wanted the chance to see if I’d like it. So I’m on my way and wonder what it will look like not colored.

  6. Because I didn’t want roots and the demarcation line I went to Sally’s beauty supply and purchased semi permanent hair dye. For the past year I have been using that instead of permanent dye. When all the hair grows out enough for me to cut it, I will just let the color fade out slowly (about3 weeks) and I will be grey! Quick, easy and no roots! So far it’s working great!

  7. Eleesa Carpenter says:

    I will be 60 at the end of this month. January I stopped coloring. My hair is salt and pepper and loving it. Wasn’t as brave as so many, I cut the colored part off. You all are inspirations to continue my transition process. Thanks.

  8. I love your gray (I’m in the process of growing mine out!) but what really caught my eye is your lashes!!!! Are those just naturally amazing eye lashes? Do you use anything to help them grow so long and thick? Please tell me your secret!

  9. I can relate to Amanda’s journey. I too was a redhead forever. I’m in my 60’s now and started going gray naturally in February 2019. I want to have “fun” with my multi-colored hair, too. It’s a challenge for sure. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I think redheads look gorgeous when their hair starts turning gray (my Mom is a redhead). Good luck with your transition!

  10. Silvia Fleming says:

    Beth, Thank you for sharing your story. I have been dying my hair for many years. I want to go silver but it’s been so hard to just let go I am encouraged by the many sisters who have shared their stories. Please help me to learn the process. Thanks

    1. Hi, Silvia:

      Have you joined Silver Revolution on Facebook yet? It’s a great group and you can get all your questions answered there.
      Also, check around in the blog section of this site as there is a lot of helpful info. Good luck!

    2. Hi Silvia welcome! This blog is super supportive – browse around especially at photos and stories of other gals’ experiences. Someone commented recently “you’ll know when you’re ready” which I found really helpful. Do it for yourself in your own time. I’m 49 and got my hair cut into a really short pixie style because I’m impatient. It’s growing now with no dyed colour left and it’s a beautiful soft light grey/white. Gotta say some of our silver sistas look fab keeping their length…do whatever suits you. Hugs from Australia x

  11. I’m almost 10 months no coloring..been easy…i had been getting blond highlights….matched my gray…so pretty easy to grow…..im 59…so about time I quit coloring!

    1. It’s so nice when the transition is easy! I bet it looks fabulous, Beth 🙂

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