Gray Hair Blog / September 2, 2019

Going Gray and Keeping Your Hair Long? Here’s What To Expect!

Going gray with long hair can be fun as well as challenging. Here are some tips to prepare yourself.

If you are a woman who is transitioning to gray hair, you already have to deal with strangers, friends, and family members who question your decision. 

If you are a woman who is over 40 and you are growing out your gray hair AND keeping it long, you get the double-whammy of being questioned by the anti-gray crowd as well as the “women over a certain age should cut their hair short” crowd. 

Add going gray cold turkey to that equation, and WHAMMO – prepare to get a lot of unsolicited advice! 😜

Which begs the question:  Why do so many people feel free to give us their opinions about our hair? 

I’m still trying to figure that out! It’s one of the great mysteries of the universe.

On social media, I often get asked why I don’t cut my hair short.  I have been told it will hasten my gray hair transition, enhance my self-esteem and free me from worrying about satisfying the sexist desires of the men in my life.

However, none of those scenarios apply to me. 

I have a healthy amount of self-esteem, I have a supportive husband who loves me no matter what type of hair I choose to wear, and I don’t want to hasten my gray hair transition because I am loving every slow minute of it!

So why DO I wear my hair long? Let me explain.

For most of my childhood, I had short hair.  Really short hair.  We’re talking male-pattern baldness short.  Imagine Paul Simon in the 1970s and you’ll get the picture. 

I’m not sure why, except that my Mom was a busy mother of 3 children.  Plus, I seem to remember that the few times that I had long hair, I either got gum stuck in it or experienced horrible tangles that would have required the assistance of the CIA to infiltrate.

image little girl red jumper
Katie at age 4…or Paul Simon?

My best friend, Suzy, had long, golden curls.  She had Jan Brady-style blonde hair (clipped back with a barrette, and ringlets coming down on each side). 

I envied her hair and wished that we could somehow trade hair.  I wanted long hair badly enough that I would parade around my house with a bath towel on my head and pretend that it was my long hair.  

Imagine my excitement when I found a lovely red hippie wig at a garage sale.

It was the most beautiful copperish-auburn color, and it was the perfect early 1970s hairdo – long, straight, and parted in the middle.  I bought it for 25 cents and don’t remember much about that wig except that I LOVED it. 

I also remember scaring the crap out of my parents one morning on our way to church. 

They looked in the rearview mirror, expecting to see their little brunette Paul Simon-ish daughter, but instead saw a REALLY short redheaded hippie girl in the back seat.  It’s a miracle they didn’t crash the car!

By the time I was a teenager and old enough to make my own hair decisions, New Wave was in and long hair was out. 

But in the early 1990s, I moved to North Carolina for graduate school.  The girls down South tended to be more traditionally feminine, and I started letting my hair grow… and grow.  It was BEAUTIFUL! 

I finally had gorgeous, long hair and I really felt “at home” with it.  I also appreciated the color, which was a very dark brown chestnut shade.

For the last 26 years, my hair length has ranged from as long as the middle of my back all the way to a chin-length bob.  But long hair is really what I prefer.  I feel like “myself” in longish hair.  That’s “the long and short of it” (LOL). 

There’s no deep psychological meaning to it.  It’s simply a matter of personal preference. 

And you know those old 1950s era “rules” that suggested women over 40 should cut their hair short? I think those kinds of rules are outdated and need to be discarded, don’t you agree?

Why can’t we have autonomy over our own hair, for gosh sakes?!

But why go gray cold turkey?

When I made up my mind to go gray back in February 2018, I researched different ways to go gray.  As I’ve said before, I was a brunette for 50 years and knowing myself pretty darn well, I knew that I needed time to shed that identity. 

I knew that if I went from being a long-haired brunette to a short-haired silver sister overnight, it would be traumatic for me. 

I also knew that I was simply done doing any sorts of coloring or chemical treatments.  I’d had a bad experience bleaching a small (thankfully) portion of my hair in college (it turned bright orange and was very damaged). 

Therefore, I chose to do a cold-turkey grow out, which basically means not doing any more salon treatments on my hair except for an occasional trim.

Here are some more thoughts on the cold turkey long hair grow out from two of my Instagram silver sisters:

Had a ponder…why cold turkey? Because I’m essentially lazy? First thought, then…no.  The growout is a kind of raspberry to all the years of perfectionism and constant dye related stress. And its teaching me to trust more, to accept the seemingly endless waiting, to focus more on other things. It is incredibly liberating once you get used to it. It becomes the new norm


It took me a long time to decide to go gray and stop dyeing but I felt like if a woman had the right to say, “I want to keep dyeing my hair”, then I had the right to say “I don’t want short hair” if I ever did stop.

My dark hair was my identity. So I clung to my dark tresses and when I started to go grey I covered it up for years until it just became a hassle. Every two weeks a white halo appeared.

I researched it watched YouTube videos etc. and finally made the decision with one stipulation; that I would not cut it off but I would go through the process and give myself time to get used to the new hue of color around my face. I knew it would be hard and people would share their opinions but I need the daily transformation to learn to love my new self and whatever color my hair decides to become. 


If you want to keep your hair long during your cold turkey gray hair transition, just keep in mind that you will go through a “calico” or “two-tone” phase.

If your hair is dyed a dark shade, like mine was, you will definitely be sporting a skunk stripe (i.e., demarcation line) for a little while.  

The skunk stripe will be noticeable at first, but you can fade your hair dye, and the skunk stripe will be less obvious after a few months. (If it really bothers you, read How to Make Your Cold Turkey Gray Hair Transition Fun! for some things you can do to cover up the demarcation line.)

image woman dark brunette dye and white roots
@flawsome_momma is at the early stages of transitioning, so the demarcation line is stronger. 

Below, you can see how much my dye has faded since I began.  The skunk stripe phase really didn’t last that long.  Once your roots grow in a couple inches, your gray grow-out will start to look intentional, and that’s when the real FUN begins!

The long hair cold turkey gray transition has its own brand of unique beauty, as evidenced by my silver sisters below:

While you are going through the two-tone phase, you might want to try experimenting with braids.  When gray hair and dyed hair blend together in a braid, the result is gorgeous, as evidenced by silver sister Nikki:

image gray hair blonde hair braids

To wrap things up, here are the Pros and Cons of keeping your hair long during your cold turkey gray hair transition.


  • Prolongs the gray hair transition, so you have time to get used to the “new you”
  • Avoids the damage caused by toning, bleaching or blending
  • Long hair can easily be put up into a ponytail, bun or braid if you want to change up your look
  • Saves money as you only need occasional trims


  • You will get a lot of comments/suggestions to just “cut your hair off” to hasten the transition
  • Your gray hair transition could take a year or two, depending on the length of your hair

If you are being driven crazy by your long hair and just want to be done with the transition, check out my Silver Hair Transition Stories for women who went the pixie route.  They have great tips and rock their shorter hair!

How about you? Long gray hair or short gray hair?

Let me know why in the comments!

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  1. Lauren Rose

    Hi Katie: Really enjoyed your story. I guess I’m the opposite of you; I’ve had short hair for more years than I can remember. In our family the women just don’t gray very much. I have a lovely patch of silver at each temple and the front is just starting to turn. That would be great if I was 40, I could just be patient and watch it turn. However I just had my 65th birthday. I’m kind of fortunate because our women don’t wrinkle either. Other than a few forehead lines (I’ve had since my 30s) I have a few tiny lines around my eyes. Back to the hair. I hoped that I’d be different, that my hair would go all over silver. No luck. So with the fashion being for gray or silver hair, I decided to help nature out. My daughter and I (she went to cosmotology school some years ago) got some products and started in. It’s a work in progress because we’re having to buy our product on-line and the first batch didn’t give what I wanted. Due to the really generous advice of a top colorist named Jack Martin from California I think we’ve got what we need and the second try should do it. Of course keeping it up will be time consuming but well worth it if I can have gorgeous silver white hair. My husband? He doesn’t care. He’s 81, already has had silver hair for 40 years and says I’ll look great however. He’s great!

    11 . Sep . 2019 Reply
  2. Lori Covington

    I have been transitioning my hair to gray for about 14 months. I had mid shoulder length hair that was dyed chocolate brown for over 25 years. I have a hard time with change so going slow and let it grow was the best step for me. It, like you, gave me a chance to get use to the person in the mirror. I fell and broke my wrist in June which made caring for long hair a real challenge. To gain more independence, I had my hair cut a more manageable shoulder length long bob. This is resulted in having all gray except about 2 inches on the end. I LOVE My HAIR!!! I get daily positive comments. My husband has always called me “Mother Nature”. He says my hair makes me even more natural looking and even more lovely ( his words). I feel free, confident and excited. I enjoyed the transition period. Each day made the change easier. I think my key to going gray was just accepting the natural me . Cold Turkey for 95% of the process was the right choice for me. Now with wrist healing, my mission is to regain those lost 6 inches of hair ( in Gray this time). I loved your post! It’s great to hear how other travel this road. Your are an inspiration!

    10 . Aug . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Thanks, Lori! And your hair sounds GORGEOUS!

      13 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  3. Kimberly Beaman

    Hi Katie! I am just starting my transition. I am a natural redhead who started going gray/white in my early 40’s… I’ve fought it hard by dying my hair, a bright, medium auburn shade, every 4-6 weeks.. with long hair (mid back) it was getting to be too much to keep up with dying it myself, and I’m not one to spend money at a salon on hair dying. I will be 50 y/o this October and made the decision three months ago to stop the insanity. My husband isn’t thrilled with my decision as he thinks it will make me “look old” and he has always loved my red hair. But after seeing the beautiful pictures of “silver foxes” on Pinterest I am determined to stay the course AND keep my long tresses in the process! I am worried about using any clarifying shampoos to “hurry the process”.. because I don’t want orange hair!! So any advice you can give me regarding growing my gray/white out gracefully would be great!! My bangs have faded a lot, and mixed with the gray coming in on top, and the beautiful white coming in at the temples and sides, the color is now a dirty strawberry blonde darkening to a fading med. auburn.. not terribly horrible, since I wear my hair in a bun most of the time for work, my concern is how bad it looks when I wear it down. I should add that I am also in the process of growing out my bangs that Ive had for over 30 years.. I think that is harder for me than deciding to grow out my gray!! You dont see hardly any pictures of red heads growing out their gray, so it’s so hard to gage how it’s going to look mid-point, or get advice on products that will help the transition. Any advice you can give me would be wonderful!! Thank You!!

    02 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  4. Krystal Nay

    I decided to go grey Feb 2018 and received alot of criticism from “friends”. They think I’m crazy and don’t care about my appearance. My husband fully supported my decision and loves it! I receive compliments from strangers as well as coworkers almost daily. It’s healthy, shiny, full and wavy. No more spending countless hours in the salon chair every 4 weeks and the money saved it unbelievable. My hairdresser supports me and coached me thru the process. There were times I wanted to dye my hair and she put her foot down sharing how beautiful my hair is. It helps having a positive support system for sure. Embracing my grey hair is liberating and the best decision ever!

    21 . Jul . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Wonderful! I feel the same. xoxoxo

      28 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  5. Kelsee

    I am going gray cold turkey, but I am using a silver spray to streak into my hair. It gives a beautiful blend and doesn’t make the skunk look stand out as much. I love it!

    20 . Jul . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Great idea!

      28 . Jul . 2019 Reply
    • Ry

      What is the name if the spray you use? I’m looking for something like this! Thank you@

      02 . Sep . 2019 Reply
  6. Tracy

    I love reading all the stories. I’m about 3/4 of my hair being gray and fighting with myself on weather I should cut the rest off. The thing is when I style my hair I love it. Then I get days where I could could cut it off. But reading the stories I’m just going to get trim and then I’ll feel better. Thanks for your stories!!

    18 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  7. Tina

    Long hair for me. I was also made to have short hair as a child. My mom could not deal with my knotty curly hair. I look terrible with short hair. The only negative comment I’ve heard was from my dad, who said that older women with long grey hair do not look attractive. I told him I disagreed lol I have been growing my grey for a year now. My husband is very supportive. He loves it.

    16 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  8. Angela

    I am 54 and the last time I coloured my hair was 28 November 2018. I’ve got 4 inches of regrowth and then a hideous sort of rusty red and then an even more hideous yellowy red – ugh. Anyway, I’m at that stage where it’s definitely, quite clearly, intentional – not a case of I’ve let myself go! I am a natural blonde (albeit a dirty blonde) but dyed it auburn for about 35 years. I did cut about 8 inches off recently but since it was a good 24 inches long to begin with, it’s still fairly long and I actually prefer this length as I feel a bit less Janis Jopliny (not that she wasn’t fabulous!). The only thing I find it hard to cope with … the frizz! I live in a hard water area and, oh my lord, it’s a nightmare.

    15 . Jul . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Angela! Regarding the hard water (I have it, too), take a peek at my post about Avoiding Yellowing in Gray Hair. There’s are some hard water solutions there that REALLY help! I just ordered one of the shower heads for myself as hard water leaves such a buildup on your hair.
      Good luck!

      15 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  9. raggedyfran

    I have had long hair all my life so much so that it is a part of my personality and certainly my preference. I see short hair as being much harder to maintain the style while hair all one long length can give me multiple options on how to wear it. And, i really want to go gray! like you, i am facing people (especially my hair dresser and mother) telling me “no! not yet! you are too young and still in the working force!!” and, to an extent i get that. there is a huge issue with age discrimination and i am on the hunt for a new job. with all this being said, i have to say that your website has given me hope that, one day (hopefully in the very near future) i can go cold turkey and grow my long hair out gray!
    thank you so much for your story and your support!

    08 . Jul . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      You’re welcome! Good luck with your transition!

      08 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  10. Vicki McDowell

    Thank you so much for your story ! I’m also a silver sister and my hubby loves it! I’ve also been a hairdresser for 38 years and there are ways to transition safely, you just have to find a hairdresser that knows what they’re doing ! My is long and curly, I get a ton of compliments ! Thanks again for your story ! 🙏✌🏻❤️ P.S my husbands hair is long and silver. We are quite striking together !

    25 . Jun . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Vicki! I’d love to see a picture of you and your husband! If you get a chance, send one to me. And a before and after!

      27 . Jun . 2019 Reply
  11. shonda

    I wear my hair long and about 2 years ago decided to go grey. I still have a way to go but I actually get compliments on my “reverse ombre”.

    23 . Jun . 2019 Reply
  12. Tracy Callahan

    I was just contemplating whether to change my grey hair after many, many years of coloring. I have always had fairly longish hair, like many women it was a trophy for my sense of beauty. I decided to chop it all off and start anew. Boy, did I get a lot of opinions thrown my way, especially from other women. It was a huge transition but in the long run, my hair grew out and I hope to make it to shoulder length. I have days where I feel a bit washed out but overall I think it was a positive decision. It is strengthening to hear all of the women on this site tell their personal stories.

    29 . May . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      I personally love the “reverse ombre” look – it’s really grown on me this past year (literally and figuratively!)

      08 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  13. Koryn

    Absolutely LOVE this article and it has given me the courage to just do it! I wish I’d read it two days ago as I just had my hair colored again yesterday but it was the last time. I’m 53 with hair past my shoulders, have gained about 40lbs in the past 3 years and separated going on 2 years after a 34 year marriage but the new ME is coming!!! Thank you! 🥰

    30 . Apr . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      I’m so glad you loved it! Good luck with your transition and the new you!!

      30 . Apr . 2019 Reply
    • Beth

      Koryn!! I totally feel you (except I’m going on 30 years of marriage to an awesome guy in October of this year!) I’m 54, have reeeally been struggling with health crud and decided to go grey I need November 2018. I’ve also gained weight over the past 3-4 years, so all of that was creating this ‘who a man I?’ kind of deal. I’m still hanging I now there, and keep my hair up in a messy bun or braid to handle the transition. Good luck!

      19 . Jun . 2019 Reply
  14. Teena Armstrong

    Hello Katie!
    I had just colored my hair the day before, I woke up the next morning with a “thought” I am finished with the dye, it’s like an awakening. I never really gave it much thought before , where did this thought or idea come from, who knows. Could it be a “connection” as so many women are ditching the dye? So, it makes me think we ARE connected on this planet!
    Dec 21, 2018 I started my journey on this rainbow, because I am after that pot of Silver!
    I was a hairdresser previously so, I knew that I would have to do the “Cold Turkey” to keep my long hair healthy, which includes the colored hair. I made a few announcements with my family, friends, and work, everyone embraced this with excitement, except my daughter…lol. She will get over it!
    Thank you Katie for your videos, as I find that they help support me when I am off my game, I just replay one… I feel recharged for the next hurdle, your advice is so welcoming and encouraging and again, Thank you for being you, love knowing that so many women are doing this ditching the dye thing! ❤💋

    02 . Mar . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      What a great comment, thank you Teena! I’m so glad the videos help you. And I’m so glad you are on this journey with me and all the other silver sisters!

      02 . Mar . 2019 Reply
  15. Candace

    I am a “redhead” with medium length hair. I’m done with dyeing ( for almost 40 years!) I want to feel liberated. I don’t want all those chemicals in my hair anymore, especially as a 2-time cancer survivor. And the salon expense and wasted time not for me anymore. I’m ready to make the cold turkey transition now. I’m willing to have multi-colored hair for a while, whatever the color. My only concern is that I want to get back out into the dating circuit, and I am a bit concerned that my transitioning hair may be a turnoff to many men (I’m in my mid-60’s). But, I need to do this for me. Any suggestions as to handling dating while going gray?

    21 . Feb . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Candace! Have you read Going Gray by Anne Kreamer? She did a lot of controlled experiments and found that gray hair on a woman didn’t affect her dating life at all. Yay! In terms of the transition, see my post about How to Make Your Cold Turkey Transition fun. A lot of women use headbands, scarves, root powder, etc. to cover the demarcation line until their dye fades and things start blending better. Good lucK!

      21 . Feb . 2019 Reply
      • Amy James

        I’m glad to see that it can be done and look good throughout.
        I’ve just turned 40 and up till I was 30 I’d had short hair. So I love my long hair and so excited to see what lies under my highlift coloured hair. As a hairdresser I’m waiting for the comments lol
        So glad grey is more acceptable now and in fashion!!!
        So excited!!!

        24 . May . 2019 Reply
        • Crystal

          I just turned 41 and have been dying my hair since I was 25. I have wanted to just let it go for about a year, but everyone seems to talk me out of it, saying I’m to young. I am tired of dying it and nervous to start my grow out. I even tried blond from my dark hair which ruined my hair and I had to chop it short.
          I am glad that someone close to my age is also embracing there gray.
          I am excited for this journey.

          06 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  16. Connie

    Oh. My. Gosh. I could relate to your childhood totally. I will never forget the day in elementary school when my mother took me to the salon. I had long hair. I dreamt about having hair like Farrah Fawcett. When we got to the salon I was so excited because that’s what I thought I was going to get- Farah Fawcett hair! Little did I know ….mother had already talked to the hairstylist. She cut my hair off. I mean, off. I think my father’s hair was longer. My little sister ( now age 52) still remembers it. She cried with me. Since then I have had shortish hair but I’ve always dreamed of long hair. Sometimes I literally have long hair dreams! Eight years ago I stopped coloring. My mom died last year and several months later, suddenly I thought…yes, I’m going to grow my hair. This is a healing thing for me and very personal….and I don’t care what anyone thinks anymore. And you are so right-its none of anyone’s business how we wear our hair! This is Kani from FB by the way.

    14 . Feb . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Kani – so glad you could relate! That sounds traumatic. I would have loved to have had Farrah Fawcett hair, but the closest I got was the Dorothy Hamill cut :-). I think your long hair will look beautiful!

      14 . Feb . 2019 Reply
  17. Mary

    I am long haired brunette and started the transition about 4 mos ago when I could no longer handle the chemical fumes. I have COPD. It was not by choice, but so I could breathe. To me I look like an old hag. Plus I put on 100 pounds after a long illness and just feel awful. My hair is 3 colors. Dark brown from my neck down, reddish brown from years of the skunk stripe not taking the dye properly, and yellowish gray from the roots to my eyebrows.
    Any advice how to make my gray look more silver, and any non chemical way to fade the browns. I tried dandruff shampoo and vitamin C once. Didn’t do much. Any help would be appreciated. Thankyou. You look beautiful and the “color the gray” population….may be jealous at the size of your “cajones’ and the amount of self confidence you have!👍

    30 . Jan . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Mary:

      I’m so sorry to hear about your health issues! You might want to try the QuickSilverHair Clay by Joli Campbell. It really brightens the hair and helps with yellowing.

      In terms of fading the browns – you definitely will have to use the dandruff shampoo or clarifying shampoo treatment more than once. I use Neutrogena Anti-residue shampoo once a week and it has REALLY faded my dye.

      Other than that, it’s hard to say what could make your hair more silver – highlights/lowlights and gray blending are all out as they would have chemical fumes as well. I say try the hair clay and start using a clarifying shampoo once a week. Hope that helps!

      And thanks for the sweet words 🙂
      Katie xoxox

      30 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  18. Bobbi

    I am so pleased to be going grey! So fed up with the chemicals for me and the world’s health.
    I now have the courage to stay long while I transition just because I can and because these powerful women chose to as well.

    I just think of the vastly creative hairstyles out there now and I wonder, “what the heck was I worried about?.” I am going to use creative additions, styles etc. to really work with my hair. If I go short, I go short. But for now, I love my long hair and now I know that I don’t have to give it up for anyone! It’s mine. Besides, I am not my hair.
    Go for it girls!

    Thanks Katie!

    17 . Jan . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      You’re welcome! My sentiments, exactly. Why was I so worried?!

      17 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  19. CAM

    I am in the middle of transitioning and enjoying the beautiful white around my face. The rest is salt and pepper. I can’t wait!
    I spent $$$ at Ulta for blending that made it worse. Purple/blue shampoo are my best friends.

    16 . Jan . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      That sounds like a beautiful transition! Very striking.

      16 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  20. Linda

    I need advise I highlight my hair blonde to hide my grays and I have very long hair I also dye underneath red. I have no idea what my hair would look like if I let my gray grow out any advice would be appreciated

    05 . Jan . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Linda:

      Unfortunately, the only real way to see what your gray will look like is to let it grow for a few months. But even then, it’s hard to predict what it will look like when you are fully done. Take a look at Grombre on Instagram or Facebook – or join our Silver Revolution group to see all the lovely ladies with gray hair and get inspired! If you don’t want to let your gray grow out, you can also talk to a stylist at a salon to find out if they do grey blending or other methods to help blend your natural hair as your dye grows out. Check out my salon directory for a gray-friendly salon, or follow the link at the top of that article for how to pick a gray-friendly stylist if your city is not listed. Good luck!

      05 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  21. Ruthe

    Hey there ladies. My story is pretty much the same as the rest of you. My hubby hates my hair being long and going through the part grey and my normal mouse like brown colour. I will never cut my hair of again. When we where we’d48 years ago I could sit on my beautiful wave long hair. Like a dutifuĺl wife I gave in and cut it all of. Biggest most stupid mistake ever. Ii can’t count how much money I have spent at the hair dresses . My last encounter was so bad and expensive I decided never again. So here I’m back with my beautiful long hair again part silver part brown but I love it and when I do cut it I will not be of this land and sòmeone will hopefully wearing my hair during the journey of cancer. Cheers ladies long is beautiful. Ruthe

    19 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  22. Caryn

    I really relate to this post, still, even though my gray has completely grown out. I did cut my hair shorter near the end, but I wouldn’t call what I had a “big chop.” Since then I’ve let it grow out, back to shoulder length, and it feels more “me.” I have wavy hair and feel I need length to weigh it down a little, so it doesn’t spread out. My stylist (who I love) keeps encouraging me to cut it shorter, saying I need an “edgier” cut to avoid aging myself. I have trouble resisting her because I value her opinion, and she encouraged me in my decision to forego the dye. But I air-dry my hair and feel that more of a “style” isn’t me. I’m overdue for a trim and am going there tomorrow, but I’m unsure what to do.

    13 . Dec . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Hi, Caryn: If you don’t mind my two cents, I think you should do what makes you comfortable. If you feel “off” with an edgier cut, then that would be more aging in the long run, because you wouldn’t feel like “yourself!” and that can hurt your confidence. I think confidence is a big part of beauty. xoxoxo

      13 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  23. Vicki

    Transitioning to silver/white/grey hair, to me, it’s a new chapter in life.
    Letting go of the old me & embracing “the best is yet to come”.
    *learning to love my natural curly hair as well.
    I’m full on silver now. @silver_n_curls
    I feel A M A Z I N G!!!😄
    Girl On Fire 🔥🎶

    10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Vicki, you definitely sound on fire!! Who knew going gray could be so fun?!

      11 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  24. Lynda

    Thanks for sharing, Katie. I’m a long hair person, and have cringed at the thought of cutting my hair short to transition. I’m going for a trim tomorrow and what you have said really helps me rethink cutting it short. Thank you!

    10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      You’re welcome, Lynda! So glad it helped you!

      10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
      • Carrie Martin

        The best thing I could have done, is go gray! I am growing it longer because it is actually extremely healthy! I do love the looks I get from women! I think they envy me! Lol.
        Also, what could be better than not planning your life around getting your roots touched up!

        06 . Apr . 2019 Reply
        • Katie

          Agreed! I hated planning everything around root touch ups!

          09 . Apr . 2019 Reply
    • Katie

      You’re welcome, Lynda! So glad it helped you!

      10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  25. Theresa Smith

    Nice to have “met” you in the Silver support group on FB and I’m enjoying your blog so much!
    At 11 months in I ALMOST CAVED!! I was hearing it from coworkers and some friends telling me GREY HAIR ISNT YOU!!! I consulted 2 stylists whom I trust about how to go about just adding super ash light highlights! But all I could feel was scared of more potential “Blorange ”!!
    I went back into my silver transition groups and found the support I needed to persist!! That’s when I found ❤️YOU❤️ .
    The coworkers and friends were wrong. Silver hair IS me!!! I decided then that long hair IS ME as well and even though during this transition I’ve cut a total of about 12 inches of length off my hair, I’m comfortable with going through it with long hair!
    Thanks for your blog and support!!
    Teri Smith

    10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Thanks, Teri! So glad you found the support you needed! This is such a personal decision, but it definitely helps to find other women (even online!) who understand and can cheer you on. I know it really helps me! xoxoxo

      10 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  26. Jonie

    I love this Katie, and I won’t cut my hair!!

    09 . Dec . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      I’m glad to hear it, Jonie! You have gorgeous wavy hair!

      09 . Dec . 2018 Reply

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