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Eva’s Striking Transition from Dark Brunette to White Hair

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If you are transitioning from dark brunette to white hair and need inspiration, check out Eva’s story! Eva is one of the social media silver sisters whose hair appealed to me immediately. When I first met Eva online, her lovely hair was high contrast: white roots on top of dark brown dye, but now it has mellowed into a beautiful snowy white.  You can find Eva on Instagram at @girl_gone_gray  


I think I was around twenty years old when I noticed my first gray hairs.

I wasn’t really surprised since my father went gray prematurely and had the most beautiful head of white hair. However, although not surprised I definitely wasn’t thrilled.

It wasn’t too noticeable, but I did start to cover it up, first by going to the salon and then by using box color from home.

My friends and family never had an opinion about it when I was younger. Later in life my friends all covered their gray, so it was normal for me to color mine.

My mother, however, always disliked my box-colored dark brown hair.  It was really dark, since the more you use box color, the darker it gets because you have to go darker in order to keep up the fight of covering the white.

She always said, “It looks ridiculous,” “it looks unnatural,” and it is “going to turn blue.”  She was loving but oh, so blunt. It just made me want to keep coloring in defiance.


image dark brown dye woman
Eva with Dark Brown Dye

I identified with my dark tresses.

My heroes were all pale models or movie stars with really dark hair.  I loved it.  I thought it was beautiful. 

It became my identity with friends and coworkers. People would compliment me and say, “I love your dark hair with your pale skin.” 

They would call me Snow White and so my self-esteem was telling me “this is what you need to look like…. forever!”

I continued to dye my hair for over 20 years.

I would be honest with people if they asked if the dark brown was my natural color. I would tell them it was box color and my natural color was probably all gray by now.

They didn’t seem to believe me, until every two weeks I developed a white halo of color around my face. The gray sneaking out, growing with a vengeance.

I fought it like a champ, buying boxes of color in bulk. I was tired of it, but I couldn’t lose my identity.

I was messy, I got dye everywhere. I refused to go to the salon to be talked into highlights or to be scorned for using box coloring. 

I’m ashamed to say I looked at my gray as a personal defect. Society had long told me that I was overweight for my height; my features were offset; I had no ability to tan, and my skin was sensitive to everything

I looked at the gray as yet another challenge to overcome.


I wanted to grow out the gray. I wanted to be fierce and embrace it.

I started researching pictures online.  Watching YouTube videos.  My inspirations on YouTube were Deb Arndt, Monique Parent, Elisa in Montreal, Beauty101byLisa, and especially Nikol Johnson Sanchez from Beauty Reinvented.

I found in these women what I wanted: bravery.  

I developed new heroes. I made my decision and I told my family and they were very supportive. My adult daughters thought it was a great idea.

My husband told me to go for it; he said, “It’ll be beautiful!”  If you have that kind of support, it makes all the difference in the world.

I stopped coloring in May of 2018.  It was not easy!

I wanted to give in and color almost every week for the first three months.

I used root spray and powder touch-up for work until one day the spray and the powder stained my new white growth.  I panicked, thinking I had ruined what I just had the courage to start!

So, I decided that day to go COLD TURKEY!!!

I stopped any temporary covering and I tried to grin and bear the comments. Some were encouraging, some were inquisitive, and some were mean.

image woman white roots dark dye
June 2018
image woman white roots dark dye
August 2018

I persisted through coworkers and a few friends’ suggestions to cut my hair short or bleach the color off, etc.

I tried to explain that I needed to just let my hair decide its course. I needed time to say goodbye to my dark hair identity.  To humble myself as well.

To realize life is not about looks. It was my therapy for more than I realized.

I would say stupid things like, “Can I be gray and fat?” “Can I be gray and sexy?”, “Can I be gray and still feel youthful?”


After all the questioning I carried on and found a super supportive group of silver sisters on Facebook and Instagram.

On Facebook I joined groups for inspiration like Beauty Reinvented, Silver Revolution, and The Silver Circle.

There are so many wonderful sisters on these sites I can’t list them all.

On Instagram the first people I started following were:
@katiegoesplatinum (who is also the author of this awesome blog)

There are many more, but I could not begin to list all the people on social media that I admire. They have given me the support and the inspiration I needed. 

I found courage and a new zest for life.

I know it sounds strange but going gray made me begin to dress better, take better care of myself, and experiment with makeup. It made me more confident!


So here I am: seven months into my transition and I’m loving it.

People stop me all the time and tell me they love my hair, or they ask questions because they want to do the same.

I know it’s just hair, but it has brought so much clarity to so many things for me. I can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when I’m fully transitioned.

Update from Katie: Eva is pretty much transitioned now, in September 2019! Check out her latest photos below for beautiful examples of going gray from dark brunette hair:

image of woman with white hair and brown ends
April 2019
IMage of woman with white hair
June 2019
image of woman white hair
July 2019
image of woman white hair big earrings
August 2019

Product Recommendations

My hair feels a lot healthier and seems to grow pretty fast. I don’t really use any special products. 

Lately, I’ve been using Hask Blue Chamomile and Argan Oil Shampoo and Conditioner. It says “for blondes,” but it really makes my whites brighter and doesn’t dry out my hair. 

I alternate using it and just a gentle regular shampoo.  I wash my hair every two to three days.


My only advice to anyone wanting to take the plunge and stop dyeing is to do what is best for you. Be true to yourself.

Listen to advice but only positive advice.  Drown out the negative, refuse to internalize it. Decide what you want and how you feel about yourself and your hair and do what makes you feel good.

It won’t be easy, but it’ll be worth it in the end. Patience is the key ingredient to any journey, especially this one.

What helped me most was to realize if I got to the end of my journey and I didn’t like it, I could always change it. I doubt that I will ever dye my hair again, but I know I have the option if I change my mind.

I’m hoping this is not just a trend, but that society will begin to change and embrace gray hair at any age. I hope that they will continue to show it in a positive light and encourage people to embrace their natural selves.

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  1. I haven’t had my hair colored in now 1 year, tried embracing the white that is now a halo around my face. I have silver streaks here and there but nothing else amongst my naturally almost black hair ( cue the Snow White music). My mother and aunts all have gorgeous white hair, and I am now 48. Where is mine? I see the stylist tomorrow and I think we will see how to encourage or do something with this halo. Wish me luck

  2. Barbara H says:

    Well, I went in the opposite direction. Started graying as a teenager. Stopped coloring my hair when I was 30. By the time I was 35, I was 4/5ths gray.In my 40’s I was working as an RN in a nursing home & received a lot of compliments on my ‘platinum blonde’ hair. Also many compliments when out in public too. As I approached my mid 50’s I started to ‘grow’ into my ‘gray’ and was ready for a change. I now go to the salon every 3-4 weeks to get the roots done with highlighting every 3 months. My husband’s initial response in 2007 when I walked in the door with dark hair was “oh my God…you look so young” (my reply was “oh really…well how old did I look before?”…the man had a knack for always saying the wrong thing!) At 69 years old in 2020, I’ve been asked for my ID when requesting senior discount. When I talk about retiring next year, co-workers have commented that I’m too young to retire (I’ll be 71…I think it’s time to give someone younger a chance to advance in their career ?). I’ll probably go back to my white hair once I retire due to the cost of upkeep(thanks to the COVID-19 lockdowns when salons were closed for almost 3 months, I got a glimpse of what’s to come once I stop the every 3-4 week ritual). Either way, I will just be thankful for another year above ground!

  3. I have been wanting to go grey for awhile now , but I hesitate because my hair is thinning and the dark color hides my scalp. Also I noticed my grey hair is wirey & flyaway. Any words of encouragement? I would love to be free of the madness of constant dyeing and I love the idea of being my authentic self.

  4. Have stopped coloring my hair couple months ago. It is on my mind 24 hours a day. I am 78 and have colored my hair since 30. Every 4-5 weeks. I keep wavering whether to go ahead and color again. Husband not on board but friends and family are. My hair is white white. The routine of coloring has gotten very tiresome and compelling. Not sure if I will make this change but hanging in there.

    1. Joan, it’s up to you but I have to tell you NOT coloring my hair has been SO liberating. I feel like I’ve got my life back. No more hours in a salon chair. I go to the salon once every 2 months (I have long hair), get a shampoo, cut and blow-dry and I’m out of there. SO NICE! Life is too short to waste those precious hours. But that’s just my opinion and my experience, of course.

    2. Transition with the help of your colorist. When I decided to stop coloring, I had my brown colors with caramel highlights changed to blondes. When it grew out, the grey just became another color in the mix. It was a lot less traumatic for me. I applaud everyone who has successfully grown it to its gorgeous grey or white, but that’s just not me. I have to be honest with myself to be comfortable with any decision I make and this was just another decision calling for honesty.
      So off to the salon I went and I couldn’t be happier.

      1. Good for you, Elaine! Women definitely need to go gray in the way that feels most comfortable for them. Going gray cold turkey is not for everyone.

  5. I stopped dying my brown hair about 12 years ago. The best decision ever! Your white is just lovely. I was sick and tired of all the time I had to spend at the hairdressers, the money, and the chemicals leaching into my skin. Be true to who you are. I love my white and grey hair!

  6. I had been coloring my hair since I was 35 since my son said ‘mom what is that white stiff in your hair?’ My hair grew so fast I, too, was coloring it constantly and I hated it. I didn’t have the courage to let it grow naturally until I lost all my hair from chemotherapy. When it finally started to grow I thought ‘this is it! I’m going natural!’ My hair is still growing out and I was pretty shocked how white it was! Now that people are over the shock I’m not so self conscious about it anymore.

    1. I think white hair is lovely – I bet it’s going to be gorgeous!

  7. I’m 52 and been told my hair isn’t grey underneath, it’s pure white, I also identify myself as deeply brunette with dark hair, dark eyes and deeper medium skin. Going white is like changing my species. I’m not ready yet but admire those who are. A quick note is that whole grain brown and black rice grows hair very fast. Also skin, hair and nails will help strengthen and grow your hair as they both provide nourishment to your body for your hair to have what it needs to grow. Hair and nails grow when our body has nutrition to spare so, feed your body natural foods, lots of raw foods, while grains, B’s, zinc and silica (garlic and onions contain them) and watch your hair strengthen so the grey hair is more healthy. It’s not just grey that’s scary, it’s the fact it can look stringy and unhealthy. Topical can only do so much – you must feed it from inside. Blessings Abundant

    1. Carol Mahlich says:

      Grey hair is a misconception since it looks grey against your natural color. Grey hair is white. I’m in the process of trying to grow out my color and go white.

  8. So relieved, inspired and encouraged to read your story of transition Eva, and the journey is not yet over, thank you for sharing! I too have reached a time of needing to re-discover myself particulalry since recently being diagnosed with autism. I thought I may as well be true to my physical self as much as my internal self (which I’d camoflaged for years). I started a few weeks back then got cold feet and dyed again, which I regretted within a week. Like you I celebrate what (were) beautiful dark locks and wasn’t sure how I’d let that version of me go. But my diagnosis assures me I am ready to start accepting the ‘truth’ of me but with the right support around me. I know I have an emotional rollercoaster ride coming up as I decide not to reach for the henna again – I’ve saved your post/pictures as a reminder that it will be worth it at different parts of my own journey. Thanks again & bless you 🙂

    1. Bless you Furyan!! Thank you for your kind words. This journey of self discovery comes in so many forms for us as women doesn’t it? I’m so humbled that my story gave you some inspiration and encouragement. I could not have made it as far as I have without the encouragement of others who have taken this journey. I applaud you and your courage to embrace yourself physically and internally. You are stronger than you know! Beginnings are always scary. Be kind to yourself along the way. We are always here for you and send you love and support. I promise you that the journey will be worth it in the end and really it never ends as every day of our lives here on earth can be a re-discovery of our true authentic selves. Much love to you!! Thank you for sharing your comments. Conquer things in your own unique timing and each day will be a little easier. 🙂

    2. I am a black headed, green eyed, Olive skinned Italian woman. I have fought HARD to keep up the black, but at 45, I’m tired. But I’m terrified to do this. HELP ME!!! 🙁

      1. I know this is an old comment but I hope you went for it! The contrast of olive skin and white hair is, in my opinion, absolutely beautiful. You can be a silver fox! I’ve been growing out my natural hair for the last year and a half, I highlighted and low lighted to ease the transition but I can’t wait until the last of the color is gone. I’ll never have to hide from my roots again. Wishing you all the best!

  9. Eva, your transition story is an inspiration! This is my first online comment regarding the journey ahead, and I may need some support from my silver sisters. I’ve taken the first step toward natural gray hair after many years of dark brown dye; my final root coverage was on December 30, 2018 and am now covering my visible white line with a medium brown spray. So far, so good.

    1. Reggie, How exciting!! We are always here for you to support you and encourage you. Each person’s journey is so unique so do what is comfortable to you. I’m so humbled to offer some inspiration and I hope you come to the point soon where you feel more comfortable and even excited to see your progress. The first steps are the hardest so be kind to yourself. You can do this! Your authentic self whatever that may be is already amazingly beautiful you just have to re-discover it each day in ways that you thought you may not. Sending lots of positive love your way !

    2. Denise Valente Lagos says:

      I have long curly hair and going thru the transition at this time its been 6 months,shocking white to the bottomof my chin and the rest is dark brown ..I look like a SKUNK..I look silly but I am goingbfor the long run..wish me luck.?

      1. It will go by faster than you think – and then your hair will look great! Once the grays reach your eyebrows, things will progress quickly.

  10. I am so happy I read this. I too am going to stop doing the root spray I love the winter because I can wear a little beanies and cover everything up. I’m not quite as Gutsy as you . I bleached my hair before it all fell out I had black hair trying to bleach it to cover up the gray later to match the gray before I found all these fabulous women. Now my gray is coming in quite pretty with brownish black stands but I can see what it looks like! So your fierceness has inspired me I love it

    1. Polly!! I’m so thankful that this story brought you inspiration. Thanks for calling me fierce because that is something that I surely did not feel at the beginning. I’m so tickled that you are following your own journey to your authentic self. As far as gutsy, well I think you have amazing courage too, especially stopping the root spray. That was a hard time for me but I promise you it is worth it. Follow us over on Instagram if you don’t. Links are in the story. It is great to have a community of supportive silver sisters!! You rock and I’m so excited that you are owning your beauty!!

  11. Beautiful story, I can relate to the dark hair being part of my identity too. Many times I had tried ditching the dye, but as soon as I got the skunk line I could not do it. It wasn’t until I was 42 that I said enough was enough I must embrace my age and love myself for who I am! I challenged myself for 12 months not to dye it, and when I realized what was underneath all that dye, I was more encourage each and every month, and i felt that it could not grow fast enough! Yes, I got those negative comments as well. I love your journey, all your pictures, and your comments regarding the process. Keep up the good work, you look beautiful! I absolutely love love love your white hair. @__La_silver Zorra__ aka: Mireya ?

    1. Mireya, I’m so late in responding but wanted you to know that I appreciate your comments so much. You truly are inspirational to me. I love your Instagram posts and continue to follow you for daily inspiration. Thank you for taking the time to support me too.

  12. Thank you Katie!! My favorite part is your description in the intro that my hair looks like a “beautiful toasted meringue dessert!”! That made my whole day!!!!! So cool!

    1. I’m so glad you liked that, Eva! I definitely meant it as a great compliment – your hair is scrumptious! 🙂

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