Silver Hair Transition Stories / October 18, 2020

Sherry’s Luscious Long Gray Hair

Sherry is one of my Silver Sisters on Instagram.  Her hair is gorgeous as are her photos!  You can find her on Instagram at @seagypsymermaid and @seagypsyessentials.   

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My hair has been all over the board with dyes and cuts.

I always had dark brown hair (almost black) and played with different colors of dye to cover my roots. White/silver roots really show up on dark hair!

Then around 2008, I decided to dye my hair caramel and highlight the front blonde to cover up the grey and from there I continued to add blonde highlights on top to blend in the grey.

I began my journey to silver hair in May 2015.

I was going to let my all natural roots grow out in my 50th year of life! No more covering up what was naturally wanting to shine through.  This was the beginning of my ditching and switching:  ditching the toxins out of my life and switching to a natural approach to life.

In May 2016, I went to the salon and got my final chop, no more dye!

I asked the cosmetologist to cut out the rest of the dye. It had been one year and I was ready to have those lingering dyed ends be gone!

I had the last bit cut out and actually cried when I left the salon that day. It was the most amazing feeling knowing that I no longer was hiding my natural color behind a bottle of dye.

That year of transition was one of personal growth, learning who I am, not worrying about what others say or think and truly becoming comfortable in my own skin.

I never dreamed how liberating and freeing becoming all natural silver/gray/white would be! Freedom and liberation are mine!

My favorite products are all natural and work well with my long silver hair.

Two to three times a week, I use Young Living Lavender Mint Shampoo and Young Living Lavender Mint Conditioner.  I use Young Living Lustrous Hair Oil for shine.

So many of you, my friends, are in the midst of your journey and have told me that I’ve inspired you to begin it or that I’ve inspired you along the way. That’s why I speak out about my transition…to encourage and inspire other women.

Hang in there ladies, and know I’m cheering you on and I’m only a message away if you need me! It can be difficult but look inward and grow through it as a person!

Thank you!

images of woman with gray hair

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  1. mplo

    I am a Senior citizen who has very naturally curly reddish hair, and I like to spruce up the color every six or seven months, in a great hair salon, with a great hair stylist. I also get my hair shampooed, conditioned and trimmed. I always like the job that my present hairdresser does.

    I wash it every 4-6 days, and i sleep on a silk or satin pillow case, so my hair won’t frizz.

    27 . Aug . 2020 Reply
  2. Tracy

    I’m 55 and have been transitioning 11/2 years now hope to be fully gray by 60 without cutting it too short for my curly hair style. I had colored for 33 years.

    19 . May . 2020 Reply
  3. Lisa

    You have really encouraged me to do this.

    09 . Feb . 2020 Reply
    • Katie

      So glad to hear that, Lisa!

      11 . Feb . 2020 Reply
  4. Judy

    Glad to find your blog. I have gone natural/gray over the last couple of years. Not an easy process, but I’m getting used to it. I am all in now. So glad there are others out there rockin’ the gray!

    22 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  5. Storm

    59 in March and the 3rd time trying to let my grey/silver shine through. Thanks for sharing your transition as iris helping m tremendously. I am ready. I will not give in again. By next March I hope to bring it at 60! 🤗

    29 . Jun . 2019 Reply
  6. Brenda

    Your hair is beautiful!! You’ve inspired me to really believe I’m ready to begin this transition!

    26 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  7. Michelle Morey

    Holy crud! That’s the most beautiful hair of any color that I have ever seen. Lucky!

    06 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  8. April

    You are living silver GOALS, you look so gorgeous. ♥

    05 . Dec . 2018 Reply
  9. Jonie

    I love your story, Sherry! Especially the part about crying after leaving the salon getting the final dye cut out. You look gorgeous and thank you for inspiring us xo Jonie

    27 . Oct . 2018 Reply

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