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City Beauty Products Review

Please note that this article may contain affiliate links.  You can read my full disclosure at the bottom of the page.

Inside: An honest and informative City Beauty products review.

Ladies, if you’ve been reading this blog for a while, you know I love experimenting with makeup and skincare products.

City Beauty sent me some of their products in exchange for an honest review, so I leapt at the chance to try them out!

This post is in partnership with City Beauty. As always, the concept and content are my own. This post may contain affiliate links. For full disclosure, click HERE.


There are many fly-by-night beauty companies out there, so when City Beauty contacted me to try their products, I worried a little bit about whether they were legit or not.

City Beauty is definitely legit.

City Beauty was founded by Victoria Renee in 2002 and is based in Los Angeles. They pride themselves on providing cruelty-free products that target specific concerns such as thinning lips, dark circles under the eyes, wrinkles and fine lines, etc.

All of their products are Made in the USA and include a 60-day money-back guarantee. They stand by their products, which means a lot!

I have no problem with the idea of aging (and it’s better than the alternative), but I wouldn’t mind having fresh-looking skin and lips in the meantime!


All City Beauty products are vegan except for these:

  • Beyond Mascara
  • City Lash
  • City Lips shades: Nude York, Plum Springs, and Sun Diego
  • MicroBiome Night Mask
  • Redensifying Brow Serum
  • Uplift Firming Serum


Use the coupon code KATIEGOESPLATINUM at checkout to get a 15% discount off all City Beauty Products. Free Shipping for purchases over $50



The first City Beauty product I tried was City Lips, their signature plumping lip gloss.

My lips have gotten dryer as I’ve aged. I also have developed fine lines around my lips, and sometimes lipstick bleeds into those lines and “feathers.” It’s very annoying.

image of city beauty city lips review

So, I tried City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss in Clear. The clear gloss is great to put on under your regular lipstick.

You apply it, wait 2-3 minutes, and then apply your regular lipstick (if desired) over it.

For long-term results, you need to use it twice a day for 30 days (morning and night).

If you do, you will supposedly notice that the fine lines around your lips have dissipated and that your lips are fuller.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember to do anything for 30 days (I keep trying, believe me!), so I can’t tell you if that part is accurate.

Instead, I just use City Lips on and off and I am very happy with the results. When I use it, my regular lipstick does not bleed or feather and the clear lipgloss makes my lips appear slightly larger.

I’m not sure if it is just the glossiness that makes them appear slightly larger, but in any case, they look fuller, and that makes me happy!

I tend to get chapped lips in the winter, but City Lips puts an end to chapped lips. My lips feel smooth and hydrated and they stay that way all day, even if I’ve wiped off the lip gloss!

Some people have reported a burning sensation from using City Lips (or other plumping lip glosses). I feel a slight tingling in my lips that goes away in a few minutes. It is not unpleasant.

As with any beauty product, some people have had allergic reactions. I’m a fairly sensitive person, prone to allergies, and I have had no issues with City Lips.

City Beauty 15% Discount

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City Lips also come in a variety of colors.

city beauty review city lips collection

City Beauty sent me 4 of their colored plumping lip glosses to test. My only concern with the colored lip glosses is that I’m not super-adept at putting on lip gloss with a wand. My lips are white, and not well-defined. It’s hard for me to “stay in the lines” with a wand.

Still, their colors are pretty, so I tried them out.

Red Velvet is my absolute favorite! I wear this one the most. (*Note – it’s now, sadly, been discontinued).

image of city lips red velvet city beauty review
It’s a GORGEOUS color!


City Beauty’s HydroMask is a bio-cellulose microfiber sheet mask. Among the ingredients are ice plant and hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is one of the best things you can use to hydrate your skin and it’s known for its anti-aging properties.

image of city beauty hydromask
Each Box includes 5 HydroMasks

I swear to God, since I turned 50 I am a hyaluronic acid nut! Are you? It seems to help! If you haven’t used it yet, here is a great article that explains what it is and why it works so well: What Is Hyaluronic Acid And How Does It Work?

The HydroMask is one of my favorite products that City Beauty offers!

One of my main reasons for loving it is because it’s so damn enjoyable to put this mask on and then scare the pants off my sons. I know it’s immature, but it is SO DARN FUNNY!

image of city-beauty-hydromask
Scary looking, but FEELS awesome!

Aside from the fun factor, I really like the HydroMask. Unlike other masks that just feel like thin wet rice paper, these masks have weight. They feel cool and wet against my skin.

Once the mask comes off, there is still a lot of serum left on my face. It feels great to rub it all over my face and let it absorb into my skin.

The HydroMask is VERY moisturizing. My skin feels FANTASTIC for a few days after I’ve used it. I highly recommend it!

Does it help with fine lines and wrinkles? I can say it at least minimizes their appearance for sure. When my skin is dry (as it is most of the time), my wrinkles and lines are more prominent. When my skin is hydrated, it looks younger and fresher.

City Beauty 15% Discount

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City Beauty states that their Multi-Action Sculpting Cream targets the “underlying causes of thin, sagging skin to deliver a powerful tightening effect from the inside out.”

image of city beauty multi action sculpting cream review

The sculpting cream smells nice and it comes with a cunning little gold spoon. I know only ladies in old novels say “cunning” when describing decorative objects, but that is the only word that describes it.

Being a somewhat disorganized person, I promptly lost the spoon. But you don’t really need it to be able to use this face cream. Just scoop out a small amount of the cream and spread it on your face and neck.

Does City Beauty Multi-Action Sculpting Cream Work?

Shortly after applying Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, the skin on my neck looks visibly tighter and less wrinkly. The difference is astonishing!

When I apply it to my face, however, I don’t see much of a difference. (It might just be my facial skin – it resists almost any cream I put on it).

But the neck effect is so great that I recommended the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream to a bunch of my college chums and they bought it, too.


The MicroBiome Night Mask is one of City Beauty’s newest products and it is TERRIFIC.

image of microbiome night mask

I love it so much that I wrote a whole separate post about it. Check out my MicroBiome Night Mask Review.

City Beauty 15% Discount

If you want to receive a 15% discount on any product at CityBeauty, make sure to CLICK HERE and use coupon code KATIEGOESPLATINUM for 15% off.


I haven’t tried Inviscrepe Body Balm yet because, until recently, crepey skin wasn’t an issue for me.

But suddenly, at 56, my skin’s texture (especially on my arms and knees) has changed. I’ve got the crepe!

I’m waiting for my shipment to arrive but will let you know how I like it.

In the meantime, it looks like most reviews have been positive, with exceptions for people who didn’t like the tingling sensation it created. We’ll see!


City Lash was formulated to “minimize lash fall-out, improve lash texture, protect against breakage, and support the natural lash growth process.”

image of city beauty city lash

You apply City Lash to your top eyelid, along the lashline. It requires a somewhat steady hand.

Make sure to let it dry before you apply your eye makeup!

You have to use it twice a day to see results. City Beauty says it can take 6-8 weeks to see fuller lashes.

Some of the reviews I’ve read online mentioned seeing results with City Lash in 3 weeks.

Having sparse eyelashes, I couldn’t wait to try this out but I admit that I was a bit skeptical about the outcome. It sounded to good to be true.

I used it every day for two months but couldn’t remember to use it twice a day (my morning routine is a mess)! Even though I only used it once a day, I am happily surprised to admit that my lashes did look a bit fuller, and I definitely lost fewer lashes than usual.

If those are the results from only using it once a day for a few weeks, I’m eager to see what happens if I stick to it for 6-8 weeks (twice a day) as they recommend!


Under Eye Recovery is a brightening eye cream that is meant to brighten dark circles, get rid of puffiness under the eyes, and smooth fine-lines and wrinkles around the eye area.

image of city beauty under eye recovery

I have been using the recovery cream for about a week. So far, I haven’t seen much difference in my under-eye area, although it does seem to help with the puffiness that I get after a lack of sleep.

I’ll keep using it for the next few weeks and check back in again to see if it has made a difference with the fine lines and wrinkles under my eyes. In the meantime, I like the way it smells and it feels nice and hydrating on my skin.

My only issue with this product is the pump. You have to press the pump very carefully to avoid pushing out too much product. Other than that, I love the packaging and am eager to keep trying it and see how it affects my under-eye area.


It can be a bit confusing to understand in which order to apply the City Beauty skincare products if you own a lot of them.

So, if you’re feeling confused, just check out their regimen guide HERE.


City Beauty products are more expensive than drugstore brands, and that can beg the question: are they worth the money?

In my opinion: yes!

The products are well-made and, for the most part, they deliver on their promises. Obviously, certain products will work better for some people than for others – it most likely depends on your skin type.

Since City Beauty offers a 60-day money-back guarantee, I feel safe recommending them.

If you try the products and don’t like them, make sure to reach out to their customer support team for a refund.


If you have any questions about City Beauty products, or about an order you have placed, you can reach out to their Customer Support Team directly – just click here.

Alternatively, you can reach out to City Beauty via Instagram or Facebook.

If you have a question about an order you have placed, provide your order number and they will have a customer support agent follow up as soon as possible.


Overall, I recommend City Beauty’s products. The quality is good, and I really like that they are Made in the USA and cruelty-free.

The fact that they offer a money-back guarantee makes me feel confident that they stand behind their products.

If I could only choose 3 items, I would DEFINITELY get the Hydro-Mask, the Clear City Lips Plumping Lip Gloss , and the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream (for my neck!) Those are my must-have items.

City Beauty 15% Discount

If you want to receive a 15% discount on any product at CityBeauty, make sure to CLICK HERE and use coupon code KATIEGOESPLATINUM for 15% off.

Check out my Amazon Shop for all your gray hair needs!

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  1. I am curious. Are you affiliate linked to City Beauty?

    1. Yes – and that’s disclosed at the top of my post.

  2. Leta Edwards says:

    I dont expect to see this here as it is not complimentary. I got the lips and sculpting cream. The cream did absolutely nothing for my face and neck. The lip stuff did little. I do not recommend this and wish I had saved my money.

    1. Leta, I don’t only publish complimentary comments, and I’m sorry to hear that you would think that. I don’t work for City Beuaty – this blog post represents my OWN opinion of the products, so I was interested to hear your feedback. I have had great success with the neck cream especially, so I’m sorry it didn’t work for you. Have you asked City Beauty for a refund? They have a 60-day money back guarantee policy.

      1. I have tried the lip plumper twice, each time hoping for the great results people rave about. But absolutely nothing happened. Unfortunately, I didn’t know they would refund the money, so that went down the drain. I used to get injections but haven’t been able to lately, so I googled best plumbers and found your article. I truly wish I could believe City Lips would do anything, but I’m afraid it won’t. I do believe you think you see a difference, but I don’t think it truly does much. Unfortunately.

        1. I’m so sorry to hear that Suzi. For me, they work well – but everybody’s body is different and reacts differently to products. I hope you find something that works for you!

          1. it did nothing like Vaseline.

  3. I will turn 69 this year. I purchased a few bottles of the dark spot corrector several years ago and it did nothing for my spots. I did not request a refund for the products. I was wondering if City Beauty has changed or added any new ingredients, in the recent past, to improve on their formula?

  4. Barb Stricker says:

    I see no review on the Line Blurring Filler. Have you tried this product ? And does it work?

    1. Hi, Barb: I haven’t tried that one yet. I will make a note to try it ASAP and add it to this post.

  5. Dear Katie: I like your reviews and will try some City Beauty products. Quick question: I didn’t see comments regarding scent. Does the overnight cream have a strong scent?

  6. Will City Beauty Line Blurring Wrinkle Filler be available to buy in the UK?

    1. Hi, I’m so sorry but I don’t know. You’d have to reach out to them directly. If you go through the post, you’ll see their customer service information and that will help you get a response. Best of luck!

  7. I am a cancer patient. I was interested in the product for my lips. I don’t smoke but have fine lines around my mouth and on both sides a little before my jaw. I have major medical bills so I don’t as of yet want to buy other products. For the lips, is it free of harsh chemical’s? Thanks

    1. Hi, Nana: As far as I know, all of their products are free of harsh chemicals, but you should reach out to their customer service department just in case. I am sending you a hug – sorry you are going through that right now.

  8. Amanda Burt says:

    How do I get a hold of someone to talk with?

      1. I have tried multiple City Beauty products. The under eye serum doesn’t work, nor does the plumping lip gloss. Neither goes the crepe cream. They’ve refunded me several times. Opening, don’t waste your money.

        1. I’m sorry to hear that Barbara! I have my favorites that do work for me (listed in the post, including the lip gloss) but obviously what works for one person won’t work for another. I haven’t tried the crepe creme out yet but will try it and see if I have better luck than you with that one. Sorry to hear City Beauty isn’t for you.

  9. cyndi garrett says:

    Whats the difference in Multi Action Sculpting cream and UPlift Firming? And where does Uplift fit in the regimine?

  10. Cynthia Riggins says:

    I’ve wanted to try the city lips ,crepe eras, the lash growth serum, plus the skin vitamins that supposedly help with skin tightening however the uplift I ordered two months ago has not come and makes me wonder about the company

  11. M Kathryn says:

    Hello Katie,
    I watched a City Beauty Video on the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector and then found you when looking for reviews on the product. Have you tried this one?
    I grew up on the beach and never used sunscreen (regret that now) therefore, now at 58 I have spots all over me like a Dalmatian Dog. I do not believe I can afford a product that comes in such a small package when I need “repair” over my entire body (hands, arms, legs, chest, upper back, and face). I have tried other products with no results. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Hi, I’m sorry – I have it but I haven’t had a chance to try it out yet so I can’t advise you. I will try it soon and update the post if it’s a product I recommend 🙂

    2. Katie, I too grew up going to the beach and never wore sunscreen. I have been using the Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector for about 2 years now and I actually for the first time in my life got a compliment on my “clear” skin. after I use it night and day for a few days the spots start to fade away, however when I do stop using it for a few days the spots come back! I hope this helps. I will continue using this. I am 61 years old.

  12. Leslie clemmons says:

    I just received my uplifting firming serum and multi-action sculpting cream , whats the best way to use it? Which one first and can I use them at the same time???

    1. Hi, Leslie – good question! I’ll ask City Beauty and get back to you!

    2. Hi, Leslie: I just updated the post to answer your question, but here you go in the meantime!

      Apply Uplift Firming Serum (morning and night)
      Then, use your favorite moisturizer and finish off with Multi-Action Sculpting Cream (morning and night)

      Hope that helps 🙂

  13. What is the difference between the Inviicrepe Body Balm and the sculpting Cream? I’ve lost 35 lbs and now have loose crepy skin on my leg, arms and neck. Which would be a better choice.
    ? I am 74 an have not had this until now.

    1. Donnarae, I’ll have to ask City Beauty – but I would assume the Invisicrepe Body Balm is the one you would want for that issue.

    2. Donna Mate says:

      May I ask if you tried either cream for your crepey skin? I just finished the whole jar of invisicrepe body balm for my upper arms and it hardly did anything. I live in Australia and with the money exchange it cost of around $100. I am 67 years old and very disappointed with this cream. Would like to hear it worked for you.

      1. Hi, Donna – No, I haven’t tried it. I only review the products that I’ve personally used, which is why Invisicrepe Body Balm isn’t on this page. I’m so sorry to hear about your bad experience with that product. Please reach out to City Beauty for a refund – support@citybeauty.com.

        1. Katie gave you tried any of the products.. it would seem if you are promoting the product you would have tried at least a couple.

          1. Yes, Kim – Of course I’ve tried all the products that are listed in this review! I would NEVER promote a product without testing it first. If you read the article, you’ll see my personal opinions on each product. Did you have a question about a specific product?

  14. Adrienne Newton says:

    Looking to find form to order night mask. I have been using the multi sculpting crm.

    1. Hi, Adrienne – to order any of the products listed on the review page, just click on the blue text and it will take you to the correct page to add that product to your cart. But for ease’s sake, CLICK HERE for the MicroBiome Night Mask link. Thanks!

  15. Angie McBain says:

    I just received your multi-action sculpting cream….have used it for only 2 days. Is one supposed to put on their own moisturizing cream, and then your scupting cream over it….not sure?????

    1. Yes, put on your moisturizing cream first and then the Multi-Action Sculpting Cream 🙂

      1. Isn’t that too much cream? Just got the serum so your own moisturizer should be enough? I also got the invisiCrepe cream and I used one jar. Sometimes I see a difference on the upper inner arm and then I go to reach down for something and I see the creepy skin. I am 79 work out with weights every day I wish it would work 100%.

  16. Hi, Kym!

    City Beauty says the line-blurring wrinkle filler should be available in October 🙂

  17. Kym Cogill says:

    Hi Katie, Have you tried the line blurring wrinkle filler yet ?? And do you know when will it be back in stock ? Cheers Kym ?

    1. Hi, Kym! I just received it and still have to test it. I’ll update the review when I do.
      I’ll reach out to my contact at City Beauty to find out when it will be back in stock.

  18. Are Cuty Beauty products , incl Multi acting sculpture cream , cruelty free , vegan ?

    1. Yes, they’re cruelty-free. I don’t know if they’re vegan. I’ll check and find out!

    2. Hi, Susan!

      The following are the City Beauty vegan products:

      City Lips *(Except for the red shades as they contain carmine)
      Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector
      Under Eye Recovery
      Ageless Moisturizing Cream
      Advanced Eye Cream
      Youth Rejuvenating Cleaner
      Line-Blurring Wrinkle Filler

  19. Is this good for someone who has rosacea?

    1. Hi, Mary – I consulted my City Beauty rep, and she said City Beauty products are fine for someone with Rosacea. I used to have rosacea and get occasional flareups, and the City Beauty products haven’t triggered any reactions. Hope this helps!

  20. Was considering ordering the sculpting cream and lip gloss but was questioning whether the sculpting cream should be applied before sunscreen. Don’t think it would make sense to apply it on top of sunscreen but just wanted to ask. Thank you says:

    Was considering ordering the sculpting cream and lip gloss but was questioning whether the sculpting cream should be applied before sunscreen. Don’t think it would make sense to apply it on top of sunscreen but just wanted to ask. Thank you

    1. Hi, I use my sculpting cream under sunscreen. I’ll check with City Beauty and if that’s not correct, I’ll let you know 🙂

    2. Hi, I double-checked and I was right – you always use sunscreen LAST. So put on your City Beauty products first, then sunscreen. 🙂

  21. DO YOU HAVE A FRAGRANCE-FREE VERSION OF YOUR MULTI-ACTION SCULPTING CREAM/I am too allergic to perfumes to risk using your current product. Thank you.

    1. City Beauty says:

      Hi Susan, thank you for your question. We do not offer a fragrance-free version of Multi-Action Sculpting Cream but we will be launching fragrance-free products this year.

  22. Maryann Formica says:

    Katie I forgot to ask u if there’s anything to make eyebrows thicker.

    1. I haven’t heard of anything, but I will ask City Beauty just in case :-)!

    2. Hi, Maryann: Here’s what City Beauty sent me on this question: “At this time, we do not have an eyebrow product for growth but we are working on launching an eyebrow product very soon! “

  23. Maryann Formica says:

    Hi Katie, Love your blog! Can u tell me if I can use the Sculpting Creme on my body. I just lost alot of weight & have that creepy skin on my thighs & stomach too. Thanks so much . I appreciate it!

    1. Thanks, Maryann!

      I wrote to my contact at city beauty, and here’s what she said “Multi-Action Sculpting Cream can be applied to other areas of the body but it is formulated to specifically address the skin on the face and jawline. We can also recommend InvisiCrepe Body Balm that is formulated to address crepey skin on the body. “

  24. Doris Ward says:

    Thank you for your input on “City Beauty”. Today I received a shipment of products, and although there are instructions on application, there ISN’T instructions on what to put on first. The items purchased are; (oh, I purchased the multi-action sculpting cream several weeks ago) ageless moisturizing cream, dark spot corrector, intensive night serum, youth rejuvenating cleanser, city lips and hydro mask. Now obviously you start with a clean face, but beyond that how do you layer these products? I look forward to your response, thank you.

    1. Hi, Doris, good question! I will check with City Beauty on their recommendations and get back to you. Re: teh hydromask, I just use taht one every so often (once a month), on a clean face. City Lips, I put the clear one on at night (on a clean face) and then again in the morning before I put on my lipstick. I don’t use City Lips every day, but you can – it’s just that I can hardly remember to do anything every day (not good at routines!) 🙂

      Anyway, I will ask them and get right back over to you.

    2. Doris, here is the answer I received from City Beauty: “Wash face with Youth Rejuvenating Cleanser first, use both morning and night. Then serums usually go first in your skincare routine. So you can apply Illuminating Dark Spot Corrector morning and night, on areas of concern, allow to dry and then apply Intensive Night Serum on, only apply during night time skincare routine. Then apply Ageless Moisturizing Cream and finish off with Multi-Action Sculpting Cream, both morning and night. HydroMask can be added in right after cleansing and before the serums, once or twice a week. “

  25. I would like to order City Beauty Multi Action cream but it still says Sold Out for over a week. Can you tell me when it will be back in stock please?

    1. Hi, Patricia: I just spoke to City Beauty today and they said it should be back in stock by July 1st. Sorry for the delay!

  26. When will Multi-Action Sculpting Cream be back in stock ?

    1. Hi, Karen:

      I just spoke to City Beauty today – they said they hope to have it back in stock by July 1st. Sorry for the delay!

  27. I am trying to find a shop etc that sells your creams, till I do would you send me some samples thank you lucy

  28. I just stumbled onto your Blog. I really enjoyed your review of City Beauty Products. I’m must concerned about the lines on my upper lip. I’ve ordered SIO but it’s just sitting there, as I found the silicone was too heavy on my skin. I also tried Dermelect Smooth Lip Volumizer & Smooth Upper Lip & Perioral Anti Aging Treatment which arrived yesterday. But today City Beauty was having a sale..two for One on the City Lips. I chose two clear and IK’ll see if it works. I really like your honesty and thee humor in your Blog. So …Thanx

    1. Thanks, Randi – I’m so glad the post helped you! I really love the clear City Lips. I hope it works for you! For some reason, most of my lines are on my bottom lip and they drive me crazy when applying lipstick, but the City Lips definitely keeps my lipstick from feathering into the lines. Thank goodness!

      1. Beth Hartshorn says:

        Hi Katie,
        I am in Australia and thinking about ordering the sculpting cream. I have deep smokers lines on my top lip and clown lines at the corners of my lips. Do you reckon it would soften them at all?
        Cheers Beth Hartshorn from Aus

        1. Hi, Beth! That’s a good question – I reached out to my City Beauty contact and am waiting to hear back from her. Will let you know!

        2. Hi, Beth:

          I checked with City Beauty and they said they thought the Sculpting Cream would be of benefit to you with those issues.

          “Multi-Action Sculpting Cream helps to restore the skin’s elasticity by lifting, tightening, and firming the look of sagging skin which causes such lines below the cheek and around the lip area. It firms the skin by promoting healthy levels of elastin and collagen while reducing skin-aging toxins that eat away your collagen and elastin.

          We do recommend that you apply Multi-Action Sculpting Cream as the last step in your skin care routine and it does not replace your moisturizer. We do recommend to continue to use your normal moisturizer. For best results, use twice a day—once in the morning and once at night before bed.”

          Please let me know if you have any other questions!

        3. Hi I’m from AU as well
          I would be happy to hear if you tried this product and if it’s help for the wrinkles?

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