Silver Hair Transition Stories / June 6, 2020

Nina’s Gorgeous Natural Gray Hair

Nina is one of my Silver Sisters on Instagram.  I was instantly attracted to her Instagram feed because of her natural gray hair, lovely smile, and her great attitude.  She also shares my love of red lipstick! I’m so happy she agreed to share her gray hair transition story on my blog today! 

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Hi, I am Nina. I am from the U.S. and 37 years old.

I have an Instagram page called @naturally_graysful that I started this past summer because I wanted to be a face of possibility to other young prematurely gray women and women of color.

I also have a website called where I also talk about my transition back to my roots.

I don’t remember how old I was when I found my first gray hair but I started prematurely graying in my late 20s / early 30s.  I was not totally surprised by this because my father prematurely grayed in his 30s. He would color his hair off and on and then he finally let go of the dye in his 50s.

I primarily used semi-permanent rinses to color my grays.

image of woman short hair
Nina with Colored Hair

I used Beautiful Collections from Clairol. I also tried permanent box color thinking it would buy me more time before my next root touchup.

I tried the mascaras for the grays (which were horrible because they were gunky and did not mix well with my hair products).

I then tried root touch up spray, but it required skill to not spray myself in the eye – LOL!  I ultimately tried henna to color my grays because I felt “ok, I won’t use chemicals anymore but I will use something natural to color my hair.”  

It worked, but my grays turned too red, so I tried to use the darker henna and that worked great but turned my hair a brownish color.


  • I was tired of being a slave to my gray new growth
  • The color was not coming out the way I wanted
  • I wanted to decrease the toxic load on my scalp after some bad color reactions
  • I wanted to love all of me – gray and all!
  • Challenging my false beliefs about gray hair was important to me

I found in the beginning that there were people who were like, “are you going to color your hair?”….almost as if I came out of the house with my hair not done (“are you going out like that?!”).  

I read an Instagram post from a beautiful Silverista saying, “so what if I people think I look old? Who says beauty stops when your’re older?”

image of woman short gray hair
Beginning to gray

I did a big chop in May 2017.

I am a year and half in from growing my gray hair and I’m 95% done with only colored tips from my last dye in May 2017

I ultimately use the same products for my hair that I used before I went gray. I do find that I have to be careful with some colored gels or products that can stain gray hair.

I use Shiny Silver purple conditioner to help brighten my silver.

Resources for my gray hair journey:

The amazing silver sister community on Instagram.

My mom’s amazingly regal silver hair that she grew out.

Another inspiration for my gray hair is a woman named Ty Alexander from Seeing her as a young woman of color embracing her gray, never dyeing it, and appreciating it, was so inspiring!

@NaturalSilverSista was another inspiration.  She looks amazing with gray natural hair!

I recently saw an amazing natural hair YouTuber named Samantha Pollack announce she was going to embrace her gray roots and I got so excited! She will be doing a big chop this month and will document her process.

My gray hair journey helped me in my self-love journey to accept all parts of me and to challenge myself to be more authentic.

My advice to those thinking of going gray: You won’t know until you try. You will be scared, insecure and impatient and that is okay. It will be better than you think and you will gain a confidence that can’t be beat!

When I stopped allowing what others think to affect my decision to be who I was authentically was, I felt so free! Ironically, you become more attractive when you are being you.

People are drawn to those who are genuine and feel comfortable in their own skin. I was beyond surprised at all the reactions I would get from complete strangers.

I did not go gray to get compliments but let me tell you I received more compliments from being gray then I ever have before – even when I decided to go natural.

I also feel great when different women let me know that my grays affirmed to them that it’s ok to embrace their roots. That you can still be beautiful and look youthful with gray hair.

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  1. Yolanda Franklin

    Nina! You are absolutely beautiful with your gray! I started my natural gray journey almost a year ago. I’m 48 and I too as well get more compliments with my natural gray hair way more that I got with my colored permed hair. I’m saving so much money since I don’t go to the salons. Also, I love the convenience of packing for a trip and not having to coordinate a salon visit and not having to pack all those dang hair supplies. I am more confident with myself than ever and I think that alone is sexy. Go Nina! I am proud of your beautiful self!

    25 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  2. Sheila F.

    Mina, You are rockin’ that gray! It in no way ages you. You’re chic and timeless. You’re my gray idol!

    08 . Apr . 2020 Reply
  3. Jennifer Harris

    Thanks for sharing. I did the big chop again for the 200th time, but I decided to embrace the gray. I love it and I feel gorgeous. I think you are gorgeous as well. “Gray all day!”

    19 . Feb . 2020 Reply
  4. Sharon

    Nina your hair looks amazing! I am a silver sista also. I am 62 years old and I love my gray hair. I love to see other sisters embrace theirs too. You definitely do not look old at all. You are absolutely beautiful!

    19 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  5. Connie Eppes

    You are simply Beautiful you are inspiring me to embrace my gray .I’m wearing a wig currently do to breakage from a hair dye I’m more than sure its coming back slowly but surely also have some thinning thru the crown…But no more coloring for I’m done!! You are my shero🥰

    15 . Aug . 2019 Reply
  6. Tae

    Luv it .. I cal my Grey .. Gray Wisdom.. learning my Gray is my hardest challenge of its needs , shampoo, conditioner, oil, hormone changes, somewhat stress change , sweat change.. But I luv Me and thankful to have hair as Well 🤗 Internally and Externally is in Important for Longevity Aging.. I only want my top long again and keep my sides and back trim .. Easy management.. and Sexy🤗 Grandma Of 13 And A Self Publish Author Poet.. Continuous Blessings to Everyone Journey.. O I luv the White Gray 🤗🙏🏿

    26 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  7. Sheila A

    The post came up on my Facebook the first thing I notice is that my Gray is growing in just like Nina’s. I called it my gray headband, it’s now spreading throughout, and I’m loving it! I’ve been natural for a long time. I choose to stop processing due to damage to my hair and possibly future health issues that continuously straightening my hair with chemicals could cause. I love my natural, I’ve gone from scalp short to flat top, to locs, a couple of time. I’m inspired by the back to natural revolution going on. 👏🏾💕

    13 . Jul . 2019 Reply
  8. Juliet Mcbride

    Nina you look so beautiful with your hair I want to wear my my gray but need help

    12 . May . 2019 Reply
  9. Eleanor Gornor-Pewu

    Well I guess our story is the same I inherited my grey from my dad. And we have the same grey in the same area. Thanks so much for the words of accepting the grey I need it.I have been grey since my early 20 now I’m almost 46.

    12 . May . 2019 Reply
  10. Sheila D.

    Omg, You’re beautiful my sista!

    02 . Mar . 2019 Reply
  11. Norma

    This is total proof that it’s not your hair color but your attitude that keeps you either old or young.

    24 . Feb . 2019 Reply
  12. Sharon

    Love it! I stopped fighting it and did my second big chop on September 1st. It’s the best decision ever! We look like temple twins ☺️

    28 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  13. Erma J Smith

    YYour beautiful grey natural hair is awesome. In addition, your beautiful smile, skin and red lips you are wearing it well my sista!

    03 . Jan . 2019 Reply
  14. Michele Tovaraz

    Nina is a beautiful person inside and out. Her positive outlook is infectious and she always has me smiling with her posts. Thank you Katie for featuring this inspiring young woman to help us newbies with our transitions.

    03 . Nov . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      You’re welcome, Michele! 🙂

      03 . Nov . 2018 Reply
      • Sheila D.

        Omg, You’re beautiful my sista! I hope your story will encourage other sister’s to embrace the beauty of going platinum.

        02 . Mar . 2019 Reply
    • Nina

      Katie thank you so much for this feature and beautiful stories of transition. Which will inspire many. Michele thank you so much for such beautiful words.

      17 . Nov . 2018 Reply
  15. Jonie

    Beautiful Nina! You silvers look incredible with your gorgeous skin color. Thank you for sharing your story! Love @jogogray Jonie

    30 . Oct . 2018 Reply
    • Nina

      Thank you Jonie I appreciate your support so much!

      17 . Nov . 2018 Reply
    • Glenda Moses

      Nina, your post and story were very timely for me and has truly inspired me to step into the grey! I’m tired of fighting with what is natural…. that’s grey hair! That’s for sharing.

      11 . Jul . 2020 Reply

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