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Sandrine’s Sexy Gray Hair Transition

If you are on Instagram, looking at pictures of gray hair for inspiration, you’ve probably seen the French beauty Sandrine, aka @grey_so_what. Sandrine was kind enough to be one of the first ladies to contribute a silver hair transition story to my blog! Read on for her story.

If I remember well, I was 16 when I discovered my first gray hair.

There it stood, the one and only, a bit frizzy, right in the middle of my bangs… I was a bit upset because my grandfather turned completely white at 30 and so did my mum.

I had a cousin who was salt and pepper at 20… so I cut it off… regularly. 

I started dyeing at 16 with shampoos I could do at home. It was light and fashionable in the 1980s!

When I earned my own money, I took the time to go to salons. (I’m as addicted to my hairdresser as I am to shoes for those who know me!)

I drastically cut my hair in a GI-Jane style in Fall 2013 to let the gray out. I thought my husband would divorce me!

My sons were upset: “You are too young to be gray”. I was upset as well – maybe not by the gray but by the haircut.

I was not ready at that time to be gray and have short hair. I cried a lot and went back to dyeing.

Then, at 48, I started having hormone disorders like a lot of women my age. I dyed my hair for Xmas 2016 and after 3 hours at the salon, I went back home and said I was done with it!

image of woman with long dark hair

My hair grows fast and every two weeks, a male friend of mine kept saying “Time to do your roots!”… I suppose I must have been fed up with that too!

At that time, I also discovered Annika Von Holdt on Pinterest and thought she was great. She inspired me a lot in my transitioning.

I cut my hair pixie style and waited…

It was not always a bed of roses… you fight against your age, against your hair… with people staring at your roots when they speak to you.

Moreover, as a teacher, I had young adolescents trying to understand why their teacher would appear to them with a “neglected appearance”… well anyway…

This time I had the full support of the family because they felt I was determined.

I created an account on Instagram and virtually met groups of women who were transitioning and facing social pressure. I must admit it helped tremendously and strengthened my will to go gray.

image of woman bobbed gray hair
April 2018

Incidentally, my youngest son made me discover a series called “The Walking Dead” and I saw Melissa McBride who plays Carol.

She had short gray hair and her character evolves from an abused wife to a complete warrior with a strong and powerful mind.

image of woman gray hair bob
July 2018

I then said to myself: “Wow, that is what we are fighting every day when we decide to embrace our gray hair but guess what? At the end, I might be as strong as she seems to be!”

I think you need to focus on what makes you hold on in your transition. Social pressure can be so oppressive. To make people forget about my hair, I focused on my clothes and makeup.

image of woman gray hair white dress
August 2019
image of sandrine with gray hair
October 2019
image of woman gray hair white sweater
November 2019

My hairdresser advised me to use a blue shampoo during the transition, “Silver from L’Oréal” but it dried my scalp. So I stopped.

I kept going to her salon to refresh the haircut and have hair care routines like masks, essential oils and massages… it was fun staying only one hour in the salon instead of three and spending so much less money.

I also used headbands and got myself skilled in making braids ?.

image of brunette in headband
Headbands are a great way to make your gray hair transition more fun!

Today, I am fully transitioned and I have so many compliments about my hair on Instagram that I wish I had started earlier.

It made me more feminine as well. It is like having a second life when you look at it. I also think it attracts people between “How did she dare?” and “She must be such a free mind”…

I would advise ladies to use Schwartzkopf Excellium beautifying shampoo enriched with Q10+ pearls.

I would also advise them to embrace their natural hair.

Recently, a young lady saw my pics on Instagram and wrote, “Can I be you when I’m old?” And it was the best compliment ever…

image of woman long gray hair
Feb. 2020

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  1. What conditioner do you recomend to avoid frizz??

    1. If frizz is a problem, any conditioner will work but leave-in conditioners would be best to tame the frizz. BTWCo. makes a nice leave-in conditioner for gray hair. Hope that helps!

  2. I will be 52 in December. I think my hair is a Medium Golden Brown naturally, but it’s hard to say. I have always colored my hair at home and the good/bad is that the grey always works it’s way back in. I am inspired by this page as wellness and I appreciate all of the stories I read through. And I am ready to commit.


  3. Do you suggest going Through naturally gray and not help the process by getting your hair gray by salon to avoid the half and half?

  4. August will be 2 years since I have colored…it has been so easy! Probably cause I had blond coloring and lite gray. Hair is shoulder length, so it’s taking a while…but no problem! I turned 60 in feb

  5. I am 73 and have brunette hair…I have been coloring since my 40’s. I go every 3-4 weeks…
    This week, because of the Covid stay at home rules, I will miss my second appointment.
    I’m thinking I’d like to grow it out. I have a decent “head start”…pun intended! I always admire when someone has the patience, determination, and faith to make this commitment. The results are mostly better than expected. I love finding this support community of women, and will go boldly forward with the journey…thank you, Katie, for such a comprehensive resource!

  6. debbie hosaflook says:

    Jamie Lee Curtis also went grey and had a very similar haircut to Melissa 🙂

  7. Sandrine PICARD says:

    I’m realizing that actually Melissa MacBride may be the first fifty-grey-haired-kicking-ass heroine in the whole world of American series…. isn’t she ? 🙂

    1. Celine Elliott says:

      Hello all, I’m 47 years of age and dark brunette. I have been colouring my hair since high school. I have recently decided to let my hair grow out as well. I have been thinking about it for a couple years now.
      With the COVID-19 restrictions, I didn’t feel the need to hide my roots, since I was working from home. I’d wear a ball cap or bandana when we’d have video meetings or going out for the necessities.
      The last time I dyed my hair was Valentine’s Day. I thought of colour correction but I was told by an ex hair stylist it was a bad idea. So I will do the next best thing, trim the ends often. I now understand what women mean when they feel liberated after deciding to ditch the dye. I’m not a trend follower, I’ve always been the one who liked stuff no one else would. Just to be different, not stand out, be original. Thank you for sharing your experiences. Truly uplifting.
      Gray_cefully yours,
      NB, Canada

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