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My 7 Month Gray Hair Transition Progress Report

Woo-Hoo!! Time to celebrate 30 weeks without dye! Ladies, if you can be patient and get through the first months, it is worth it, believe me!

7 Month Progress Report:

My favorite thing about making it to 7 months is that my dye has faded considerably and so the dyed parts of my hair are blending better with the gray roots, as you can see below. 

What a relief!

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I’m losing SO little hair! I used to leave clumps of hair in the shower in the morning.  It was gross.  We had to buy a special little strainer for our shower (a hair trap) and it was ONLY for me!  Now, we could probably get rid of the strainer as whatever I am losing is negligible.

I’m growing new hair! I’ve lost some hair due to the heavy stress I’ve been under the past few years.  Unfortunately, the stress isn’t totally gone, but my hair does seem to be growing back.  I haven’t done anything differently EXCEPT stopping the dye, so I do have to wonder if that is the reason my hair is growing back.

My silver hair is soft, shiny and manageable, not the coarse, wiry mess about which we’ve been warned all these years.  That has GOT to be a myth spread by the hair color conglomerates.

Now that my hair is showing so much gray, and I have social media accounts devoted to my gray hair transition, I find that I am taking more care with my appearance (hair, makeup, clothes).  After years of enmeshing myself in the Boy Scouts and boy-type activities for my sons (which I still love to do), it feels good to rediscover my feminine side and take a little more care with my appearance. (Yes, it’s frivolous but I need extra light-hearted frivolity in my life (I’m saying this to the Puritanical side of my nature.  Those darn Puritans really infect some of us modern Americans, amirite?)

I ordered Overtone Extreme Silver Deep Conditioner, as I am really curious to try it now that my dyed hair has faded so much (it doesn’t work well on dark hair, they told me).  The first package got lost in the mail, but Overtone is sending me a replacement.  I’m on tenterhooks as I am dying to try it! Just really, really curious to see how it compares to the Joico Blue Shampoo that I love so much.

I made a video last week about my progress:

It repeats some of what I wrote above, but at least you can see my hair color in action.  Ignore the deep circles under my eyes – I’m really fighting insomnia these days.

Thank you all for your support and the kind comments you send me!  I feel that the gray hair movement is growing every day, which really gives me hope that the younger generation of women may not feel the need to color their beautiful silvers and that gray will stop being only associated with old age.

Hope you are enjoying a wonderful weekend!
Katie xoxo

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  1. Portia

    Hi Katie,
    I loved how you summed up at the end, ‘the long goodbye’. I feel the same, I never wanted to dye to a different colour, just keep to dark brunette , it was/is my identity too. It’s going to take the whole transition time to ‘say goodbye’ and become friends with my new silver. Keep up the great work.

    17 . Oct . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Thanks, Portia! I’m so glad that resonated with you. ❤️

      17 . Oct . 2018 Reply
  2. amy nolan

    Love seeing all the pictures of the transition. Keep them coming!

    29 . Sep . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Thanks, Amy! I will!

      29 . Sep . 2018 Reply
  3. Michele Tovaraz

    Love all that you share Katie. It’s made this journey so much easier knowing (1) I’m not alone and (2) seeing what I have to look forward to. Even though all of our silvers are different, we are still united.
    I hope one day you’ll address more makeup tips for us grey haired older ladies…

    28 . Sep . 2018 Reply
    • Katie

      Thanks, Michele! I actually am planning a makeup post right now – I am still navigating the change in my skin and makeup needs so trying to get some answers before I post. Thanks for reading 💕

      28 . Sep . 2018 Reply

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