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Octocurl Soft Heatless Hair Curlers Product Review

Earlier this year, I noticed some of my fellow silver sisters showing up on Instagram wearing a crazy contraption on their heads, and I wondered what in the heck was going on.

But when I saw their results? I knew I had to try it for myself!

This crazy-looking thing is called the Octocurl and I can tell you right now that it quickly became one of my favorite tools for achieving gorgeous heatless curls and beachy waves.

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What Is the Octocurl?

The Octocurl is an elastic headband with a number of fabric strips that hang down so you can wrap your hair around them (kind of like rag curlers from the olden days, but more modern and convenient).

As you probably guessed from the name, it kind of resembles an octopus (except it has 16 “tentacles” instead of 8):

image of the Octocurl heatless curler on a bedspread
This is a picture of the Octocurl spread open (with kitty paws hovering nearby).
Our cat Lily is fascinated by it!

The Octocurl comes in several different fabrics: satin, microfiber, and cotton poplin. Which fabric you choose depends on your hair’s texture.

My fine hair tends to stick to microfiber fabrics, and it easily slips off of satin, so I chose the cotton poplin.

The Octocurl also comes in different lengths – a kids’ version, and then (for adults):

  • Short – 7″ strips
  • Standard – 10″ strips
  • Long – 13″ strips
  • Extra-long – 17″ strips

Not all sizes are available in each fabric, so keep that in mind when you make your choice. (You can see all of the size and fabric options on their website).

My hair reaches my mid-back, so I went with the standard size. It’s perfect (for me)!

Video Tutorial: Heatless Waves with the Octocurl

Here’s a video tutorial of how I use it but make sure to keep reading for my full review, including the Pros & Cons.

Why is it Great for Gray Hair in Particular?

Like many of my fellow silver sisters, I try to limit my hair’s exposure to heat tools.

Why? Well, as many of you already know (but some may not), naturally silver hair is prone to yellowing.

Yellowing doesn’t happen to all women with gray or white hair, but fine gray hair is especially prone to yellowing.

While other forms of yellowing (such as from pollution or product build-up) can be temporary, yellowing caused by heat or sun damage is permanent and can only be removed by cutting off the damaged hair (or it can be temporarily reduced by using purple shampoo).

Even if you use a high-quality thermal protectant and use your heat tools on the low setting, if your hair is prone to yellowing like mine is, you can get some heat damage despite all those precautions.

Knowing this about my own hair (and also being a complete clod when it comes to using curling irons), I bought the Octocurl and eagerly awaited its arrival.

And then?

I let it sit in my dresser for 3 months.

It looked kind of complicated to use, and I honestly couldn’t muster the energy to try it out.

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But I finally did, and I’ve been HOOKED ever since! And to my delight, despite its odd appearance, the Octocurl was actually fairly simple to use!

image of woman before and after octocurl
Before and After – Keep scrolling to see more photos!

How to Use the Octocurl

#1 – Start with clean, somewhat damp hair. (If your hair isn’t damp enough, fill a spray bottle with water and spray each section before you wrap it).

#2 – Part your hair.

#3 – Put the Octocurl on your head with the headband going across your forehead (or pushed higher up if you want your curls to start higher up).

#4 – Smooth each section of hair and wrap it around the strips (Note: how you wrap it depends on what style you want to achieve. Their website has tips and tutorials on how to achieve a variety of looks by wrapping your hair differently. For loose waves, I take each section of hair and wrap it somewhat loosely around 2 fabric strips at a time).

#5 – Secure the ends – fold the end of the strip up (like a taco) and use the elastic to secure it.

#6 – Let your hair air dry (you can sleep on it, or just leave it on for a few hours during the day). If you are in a rush, you can use a blow dryer but just remember to use a good quality thermal protectant first.

#7 – Once your hair is dry, unwrap the strips, rake your fingers through your curls to get them to achieve the look you desire, and voila – you’re done!

#8 – If you like, smooth down any stray hair or unwanted frizz with a little bit of hair oil. My favorites are QuickSilverHair Squalane Oil or Verb Ghost Oil.

image of woman with long silver hair and curls
This is how my hair looks on Day 1 if I wrap my strips a little tighter than usual.
image of woman with long gray wavy hair
This picture was taken a couple of days after using the Octocurl – I find that I prefer the way it looks 2-3 days later, as the waves get looser.


  • Inexpensive
  • No-heat, so it’s safe for naturally silver hair
  • Very well-made
  • Works on different hair lengths AND hair types/textures
  • Easier to use than curling rods, curling irons, curling wands, etc
  • Can create beautiful beach waves OR tight curls, depending on your preference
  • Easy to clean – just toss it in a mesh bag and throw it in your washer
  • Easy to travel with as it’s soft and flexible
  • One-piece design – you don’t have to go looking for missing parts.


  • Looks kind of silly when you’re wearing it
  • There’s a wee bit of a learning curve
  • The headband might leave a mark on your forehead if you don’t push it up high enough (luckily, it’s temporary)
  • Depending on your hair texture, you might get a crimp where the curls begin (but Octocurl’s site has tips on how to mitigate this)


Can I use the Octocurl on dry hair?

Sure, if your hair holds a curl well.  In that case, just add a little curl or styling cream to your hair and comb it through before you start wrapping.

Can I use the Octocurl on soaking-wet hair?

It’s not recommended as it will take a LOT longer to dry.  Also, soaking wet hair is more fragile and we’re trying to PROTECT your silver hair, not damage it.

Is it uncomfortable to wear?

In my opinion, it’s surprisingly comfortable! But everyone is different, of course.

Is it comfortable enough for overnight use?

I can’t sleep with ANYTHING on my head, so I haven’t tried it. If I do, I will let you know. They have tips on their website about how to make it more comfy at night-time.

Where can I buy the Octocurl?

You can get it at their website or on Amazon and some other online suppliers.

How long will the curls last?

It depends on your hair texture and how tightly you wrap your hair around the strips. Also, how dry your hair was when you unwrapped the strips.

I’m impatient and have a bad habit of unwrapping the Octocurl when my hair is still slightly damp (around 2 hours after wrapping), yet my beach waves still last the full day.

They start to loosen up as the days progress, but by day 4 I still have SOME wave left. (I only wash my hair once or twice a week).

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I honestly can’t say enough good things about the Octocurl. I’ve always struggled with hair styling as I am somewhat klutzy and find curling irons incredibly difficult to use.

Plus, now that I’m all gray, I don’t want to risk damaging my hair with heat tools.

The Octocurl is easy to use, it’s well-made, and it provides me with gorgeous, heat-free curls. What’s not to love?

Have you tried it? Let me know! I’d love to hear your feedback.

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  1. Your hair looks beautiful!!

  2. Definitely looks interesting lol but I want to try this. My hair is also very thin. I only shampoo my hair 1 or 2x a week, but I deep condition 1x a week & regular conditioner 2 or 3x a week. I flat iron my hair once a week. I always use heat protection and no heat higher than 330 degrees. I’d like to give my hair a break here and there and I love curls but every curling iron I’ve tried grabs onto my hair and snags them. So I’ve given up on using hot curling tools.

    BTW, your hair looks really nice! I’m 36 I noticed a plethora of grays I didn’t know existed but I’ve decided to keep them for now!

    1. Wonderful, Ashley! And definitely try the Octocurl – it’s fantastic!

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