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Why Debbi Transitioned to Gray Hair

Debbi’s gray hair transition story is special to me because she was the first one to respond to my request for personal stories, when I started this blog in July 2018. 

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The Start of Debbi’s Gray Hair Journey

What is your age now?

I’ll be 50 in November 2018.

How old were you when you discovered your first gray hair?

Not sure, but it was before I turned 21.

How did you feel about finding that gray hair?

I wasn’t too surprised, because my Mom was very gray by age 29. I knew I would have to color like she did.

How did your friends/family make you feel about your gray hair?

They never saw it! I colored almost immediately into adulthood.

Deciding to Stop the Dye and Go Gray

How many years did you dye?

I literally can’t remember when I started. I’ve been coloring since I was in my 20’s, and I’ll be 50 later this year.

Did you go to a salon or dye at home?

I’ve almost always used a salon. In the last 15 years, I went every 3 weeks at $70 a pop (just color, no cut included)

image of woman with dyed hair
Debbi dyed her hair for a long time before deciding to start her gray hair transition

What made you decide to stop dyeing?

I’m not exactly sure. Does a woman go through a mid-life crisis? If so, I might be having one.

I think it was a combination of becoming an empty-nester and seeing other beautiful women with gray hair on the Facebook sites. Plus, I am sometimes known to be a chance-taker or a little bit rebellious at times.

Either way, I made the decision to go gray and never looked back.

image of woman with gray roots
Debbi’s gray roots starting to grow in at the beginning of her gray hair transition

I should also note that I wanted to do this while I am still “young” looking.

I decided it’s time to try to transition now while I’m still in my 40’s (barely!) and my face still looks somewhat youthful instead of keeping dark hair into my 80’s and attempting to transition with wrinkles and age spots.

How is Debbi Transitioning to Gray Hair?

How are you transitioning to gray hair?

I tried to put up with the skunk line for a little while but ended up getting a pixie cut about 2-1/2 months in.

image of woman with gray roots and dark hair
Early on in debbi’s gray hair transition, we see her gray roots coming in

How far along are you in the gray hair transition process? And how are you feeling about it? Are you happy with your progress?

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My last color was 5/23/2017. My first (shorter) haircut was July, and then I went straight-up pixie cut sometime in August.

image of woman gray pixie cut
Debbi’s pixie cut looks great as she stays on the path to embracing her gray hair

I’m VERY happy, but it has taken a very long time to grow back my hair. The biggest challenge has been getting haircuts while I’m trying to grow out at the same time. But the cuts do make me feel much better.

I think it’s important to have a good haircut/style during the grow-out.

Debbi's short, gray pixie cut is dusted with some copper tones

If you’ve finished transitioning to silver, how long did it take you? How do you feel about it?

I’m fully gray, but I feel like I’m still transitioning because I’m not yet at the length I want.

Do you use any online resources to help you in your transition?

Two Facebook groups: Going Gorgeously Gray and Gray and Proud.

Both groups were extremely helpful, and continue to be! I love that they are so positive. I NEVER see an unkind word in these groups. Very, very supportive!

Debbi’s Advice to Other Women Thinking About Going Gray

Final thoughts? Any advice to women who are thinking about going gray?

Be confident! It’s hard to teach this, but you need to have a positive attitude and not let anyone or any stray comment sway you.

Once you make the decision, STICK WITH IT!

I really believe most of it is confidence and not the actual gray or colored hair. It’s ALL in how you carry yourself.

Also, I never ever got one compliment on my hair color when it WASN’T gray, but now that I am gray, I get at LEAST one or two compliments every day! This is so crazy!

Almost everywhere I go, I have people telling me how great my hair is – whether it’s the color, or the cut, or both!

Debbi is loving her short gray bob at the end of her gray hair transition

Again, I think a LOT Of this is the confidence I’ve gained and it’s oozing out of me now, but I do think it is also the fact that I’m still young and VERY gray…and that’s something shocking and exciting for people to see.

I say do it when you’re young enough that it’s more of a fashion statement.

As you grow older, you will begin to grow into the gray.

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  1. Thanks, Katie, for helping me look better here than I do in real life! 😉 I’m kinda famous now LOL.

    1. Debbi, you are beautiful and it was SO nice that you volunteered to be one of my first contributors here! ??

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