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All the Things I’d Rather Do Than Dye My Hair

One of the main reasons I stopped dyeing my hair was because I could no longer bear the sheer tedium of sitting in the salon chair for 2-3 hours with nothing to do besides read People magazine.

Honestly, it didn’t bother me when I was in my 20s – but 30 years later, I got to the point where those 3 hours felt a bit like torture.

I resented all the time I spent at the salon (away from friends & family)… and for what?

For hair that looked good for 2-3 days at most before the frizz & gray roots reared their ugly heads again!

Think about it – if you work 40 hours a week, and you only get two days off, 3 hours to spend on a chore like getting your hair colored is a LOT of time spent doing something that is not fun, is expensive, and (for some of us) is itchy or painful.

So I made a list of all the things I’d rather do than dye my hair, and it was one of the things that propelled me to ditch the dye and go gorgeously gray.

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Here are a few things I’d rather do:

  1. Pack a picnic, grab the kids, and go to the beach
  2. Go on a breakfast date with my husband
  3. Walk around a beautiful museum, like the Getty Center
  4. Read a classic mystery, like Some Buried Caesar by Rex Stout
  5. Plant some succulents
  6. Call my Family and Friends
  7. Declutter the House
  8. Volunteer my time to a great cause or community organization
  9. Play with my pug
  10. Participate in the King Arthur Flour Bakealong
  11. Lie on the couch and watch BritBox
  12. Finally organize my photos into albums…or something
  13. Look at pictures of cute Valais Blacknose Sheep
  14. Play board games or cards with friends
  15. Improve my photography skills by taking a course

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I could go on with this list forever.

But how about you? What would YOU do with an extra 3 hours once a month?

Please let me know in the comments!

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