Katie's Transition / July 7, 2019

New Haircut!

I haven’t had a haircut since April.

I kept putting it off because I actually enjoyed watching my hair turn all kinds of crazy colors.

In the gray hair community, this is known as calico hair, which is ABSOLUTELY fitting, as you can see below:

calico cat haircut
A Calico Cat, aka My Identical Twin

I also put it off because I was a wee bit afraid that my salon owner might feel less than enthusiastic about the transition to silver hair.  She’s younger than me, and when I first mentioned my desire to go gray, she wasn’t too enthusiastic.

However, I couldn’t keep putting off getting a haircut.  So, I marched over to the salon, showed my stylist some pictures from Pinterest, and she gave me the most AWESOME haircut!

haircut wavy gray brown

I have to say, seeing the back of my head gave me pause:

hair back gray roots haircut

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It looks COMPLETELY INSANE due to the way the silver is growing in.  But I am going to suck it up and see this process through to the end.

I got some surreptitious glances towards the top of my head (!) when I first entered the salon, but by the time I was done, I got an enthusiastic response from the other ladies and the salon owner.  

Yay! No need for the sassy retorts I had practiced beforehand!

If you are interested in a haircut like this for your transition period, I was told I need to get a 1.5″ barrel curling iron to achieve this effect.  I haven’t used a curling iron since 1985, but I’m willing to try!

Ooh:  one last thing!

As I’ve gotten older, my hair is less shiny.

Whenever I get a haircut, my stylist uses this amazing product on my hair: Enjoy Protect & Shine.  It makes my hair incredibly shiny and tames the frizz.

I always mean to buy it between haircuts and always forget. This time, I’m NOT going to forget as it really works!



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