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My 4 Month Cold Turkey Gray Hair Transition Progress Report

Hey, this is a very short post, but I thought I should check in and share my gray hair transition progress as of week 18.

Disclaimer: Ignore the eyeliner in this video! 🙂

Sometimes, when I’m tired, I get a little heavy-handed with the eyeliner.  But if I don’t wear eyeliner and/or lipstick, my entire face fades away as I have very little natural color left in my face.  

Anyway, this is my Gray Transition at week 18!

Go Gray Cold Turkey: My Gray Hair Transition Month 4

As you can see, I’m much more silver on one side of my head than the other.  I’ve chatted with other silver sisters on forums, and a large number of us find that our hair turns gray faster on the right side than the left. 

How does your hair grow?

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  1. Alexandra V Mobley says:

    Mine is more on my left …. but I think that’s because where my part has been for the past, oh I don’t know … 46 years LOL! I will be at three months on August 27th and my hair grows quickly, so I am about the same length of grey as you are now. 🙂

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