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Gift Ideas for Women Over 50

Inside: Unique gift ideas for women over 50

Are you looking for a gift for a woman in her fifties and feeling a bit stymied?  When a woman reaches that age, she usually has most of the things she needs.  

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So, what in the world do you buy the woman who has everything?

That’s the million-dollar question. And I’m happy to tell you that you’ve come to the right place to get answers.

I’ve put together a list of unique gifts for women in their fifties and beyond. Some of these gifts are very affordable, and some are a tad extravagant. Some are practical, and some are downright fun.

There’s something here for everyone!

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Cordless Deep Tissue Back and Body Massager

Nothing feels better after a hard day of working at a desk than a massage. This super powerful deep tissue massager works out knots, relieves pain, and comes with a lifetime warranty!

Lovely Whiskey Glasses

Any woman (who’s not a teetotaler) would love this set of Rocking Whiskey Glasses. The rocking and rotating bases allow the whiskey to breathe, with no risk of spillage.

image of table

A Famous Table

Crate and Barrel’s table-in-a-bag is a fantastic gift for any woman who likes to spend time outdoors camping, picnicking, or attending concerts. Or even just enjoying a little glass of wine in her own backyard!

Cashmere Bed Socks

These cashmere socks are perfect for keeping warm on a cold winter’s night, and they are 100% cashmere. They come in a luxury gift box and are made in Scotland.

Warm Slippers

These all-season house shoes have a solid sole, boiled-wool upper and are lined with faux Chinchilla fur. They’re perfect for the lady who loves comfort AND luxury.

Weighted Blanket

This weighted blanket is a great way to combat anxiety and sleep deprivation, which makes it sound like the perfect, comforting gift for this crazy year!

woman wearing keep cool pajamas

A Keep-Cool Nightgown

A lot of women over 50 suffer from night sweats due to hormonal fluctuations. These keep-cool pajamas are lovely and will keep her cool all night long.

I recently bought them for myself and will buy more in the future, for sure. The quality is top-notch!

red touchscreen gloves

Leather Gloves with Touchscreen Capabilities

These lovely gloves come in a wide range of colors and get fantastic reviews! They are warm, supple, and allow the wearer to use their phones without removing their gloves. What a bonus!

Totebags that Benefit Children

These lovely totes are attractive AND a great way to help feed hungry children around the globe. Feed is a wonderful organization, and they have a variety of products that support their efforts to combat hunger.

Body Buffers

Kai Body Buffers contain a light blend of exotic perfumes and natural essences infused in a hypo-allergenic sponge that cleanses, exfoliates, and moisturizes the skin.

They’re Made in the USA and vegan – a win-win!

Organic Coffee that Benefits Rescue Dogs

Women who love coffee AND dogs will love Grounds & Hounds organic coffee! Grounds & Hounds uses 20% of their revenue to benefit no-kill shelters that provide a temporary home to pups in need.

And their coffee is delicious!

Makeup Organizer

Women love this makeup and jewelry organizer. It’s a great tool to declutter ones’ dresser or bathroom counters, and this model has deeper drawers than most.


image of a gift for woman over 50

Birthstone Ornament

These lovely hand-blown ornaments are made from recycled glass.

And the best part? They are inspired by the shades of traditional gemstones so you can match the ornament to your loved one’s birthday month!

A Cute Little Mini Vacuum

This novelty mini-vacuum is great for cleaning up crumbs, dust, and other detritus from kitchen counters and tabletops. And it’s also super-cute!

Succulent Pots

These cute little pots come in a set of 6, with removable bamboo trays for drainage. They’re the perfect size for succulents and would look great at home or in the office.

A Blanket Wrap Scarf

This colorful scarf is warm and cozy and dresses up any Fall or Winter outfit. It comes in a variety of shades and patterns to complement any complexion, and at this price, why not get two?

Detangling Hairbrush

This detangling hairbrush detangles hair without hair loss. It’s a must-have for women with thick or curly hair, and for less than $10, it’s a steal!

Funny Zipper Pouch

Every woman who carries a large purse ends up wishing she had organized it better. This hilarious yet beautiful zipper pouch will make organizing her handbag a breeze!

See-Through Highlighters

These fluorescent highlighters are great for highlighting text because you can actually see through them and they don’t smear or bleed through pages. PLUS, they come with a dual-tip!

Did you enjoy this Gift Guide?

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