Gray Hair Confidence Coaching

Are you looking for some support in your transition to silver hair? Or are you already fully gray but need help figuring out which products are best for you?

I help women like YOU rock their natural silver hair and feel confident in their choices!

Here’s how it works:

  1. Choose which of the packages below best suits your needs
  2. If you order a personalized video response, I will send a customized video to your email address.
  3. If you order a Zoom session: At the time of our appointment, click the link in your confirmation email to launch the Zoom video conferencing app.

Choose Your Coaching Session:

Disclaimer: I cannot provide in-depth salon-style advice as I’m not a trained hairstylist. But after years of studying gray hair, what I can give you are recommendations and guidance related to the other aspects of going gray such as: product recommendations, dealing with the emotional/transformative side of the gray hair process, help deciding which method of going gray could be best for you, etc.