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Why Can’t I Use a Freaking Curling Iron?

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I’m a self-confident woman, for the most part. 

I can whip together a $100K tradeshow with ease.  I can mother two teenage sons.  I can take beautiful photographs. 

I can bake a lovely pie or a delicious loaf of bread.  I can canoe 62 miles in 4 days, and I can even swim in an alligator & snake infested swamp. I’m not afraid to talk to anybody, so I can walk into a party full of strangers with ease.

But here’s what I can’t do:

I can’t use a freaking curling iron!

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I got my new curling iron* yesterday.  First one I’ve used since about 1985.  I’ve never been gifted at hair stuff, so I knew I would need some help. 

I watched about 5 YouTube tutorials.  I sprayed my hair with thermal protectant**.  Kept forgetting to put the stand down, so it got tangled in my hair. 

Turned it too high, then too low.  Got confused about how much hair to put in, and how to hold the wand.

I showed my lovely husband my hair when I was finally finished.  I asked him, “How does it look?”

He said, enthusiastically: “It looks like you did something!”

can't use a freaking curling iron
Final result – a big wave on one side of my head.

I’m a bit jealous of all you ladies who can master these feminine arts so easily!

For me, coordination is not my strong suit.  If I’m in an exercise or dance class, I’m the one who moves in the wrong direction. 

I’m prone to tripping on my own two feet.  I have broken more dishes than my children and husband combined.  I’m somewhat of a klutz.

But I don’t like to fail.  So, let it be understood:

I’ve got my eye on you, curling iron.  I’m going to master you, if it takes all summer. 

If a 15-year old You Tube girl can use you, I’m sure this 51 year old woman can figure you out, too.

Are any of you guys as uncoordinated as me? I hope it’s not just me!

**Re: The curling iron I mentioned above.  It got great reviews, but it did NOT work for me.  My curls would only last a short while.  So, I returned it and bought this one instead.  So far, so good! It is creating nice, beachy waves and I like it.

**Re: the thermal protectant, my stylist uses this one, and I always have liked the way my hair looks with it.  So I finally went out and bought it.   I like Enjoy products – they really do make my hair shinier.  But I forgot that this one smells like the candy aisle at CVS.  The smell does fade quickly, so that’s a plus!


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